25 November 2007

NH Indy Media puts KingCast/Mayoral First Amendment Award up front and center.

Just dropped by there to put up a post about the Deposition I Noticed for Defendant Ayotte and lo and behold saw the editor published this news item in the featured stories. One reader question questioned whether the Union Leader had taken any sort of lead role in covering that award or in structuring a First Amendment Roundtable with Franconia folks, the Mayor, Alderman Teeboom and me, and I responded to that question in no uncertain terms: No.
I love the first comment: "But it isn't a Loeb Award." Well, duh the whole point is that if you're awarding First Amendment kudos for standing up to government I sure as hell deserve one, but not only will I not get one from the UL they have stopped covering the Franconia case entirely, nor have I heard back about a First Amendment Roundtable that Alderman Teebom and Mayor Street have told me they would agree to. That's the point.


Anonymous said...

But it isn't the Loeb Award.

Anonymous said...

...Oh, i see...the UL has decided not to cover the story of a citizen vigilante who acted to shoot and kill Liko Kenney at an active crime scene.

Liko Kenney will never have his day in court; but it is hoped his shooter, Gregory W. Floyd, and those who too readily absolved Floyd of his actions on 5/11 will no longer be able to stand in the way of truth, and ultimately, justice.

Together, Floyd became executioner, while the State of NH served in its capacity as judge and jury. The scenario might have played differently had McKay not been a police officer.

Floyd, the last man standing of three, needs to be accountable for his irreversible actions.

Christopher King said...

Correct Lynne.

And our Attorney General has to be held accountable for her active and willful misrepresentation of the facts.