19 November 2007

A most interesting comment on Topix board from a layperson interested in the Franconia shooting tragedy.

Many of us believe the "Doing the Right Thing," or DTRT is Gregory W. Floyd's sister, so keep her potential bias in mind as you read through the comments in this thread. DTRT has not denied the familial allegation.

This is a comment from someone else not related to anyone:
"My opinion? Here is some of my opinion: I feel McKay's full records should be produced, studied and released to see if the rumors about his behaviors are true. Until there is full disclosure there will always be an undercurrent of distrust among the community for law enforcement officials. I also feel there should be a full investigation into Floyd's actions and his legal (illegal) past along with full disclosure of those facts.

This cannot be swept under the carpet with the citizens of NH being lied to. Every single person of this country should be upset with the NH AG’s office for closing this case without a proper investigation and lying about facts, facts that are in the witness statements and contradictory to what the “official” report claims.

I want to know what bullet killed Liko, I want to know why Floyd shot so many bullets, and I want to know why Floyd was excused while lying. There should be full disclosure of ALL the facts for this case. The State needs to admit they are wrong and apologize to us for treating us like we are fools."

I couldn't agree more. Everything negative about Liko was thrust before the United States as being relevant to this tragedy, yet I have concrete proof that many, many VERY negative things about Bruce McKay and Gregory W. Floyd have been intentionally omitted from the landscape of public knowledge. And believe me, these omissions would have informed our judgment as to the events of 5/11 had they been disclosed. This makes NH AG Kelly Ayotte's office a fraudulent enterprise in this instance. Most of the people who will line the courtroom and hallways in the KingCast v. NH AG Kelly Ayotte et al hearing are coming with the same exact mindset in favor of full and open disclosure.



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Anonymous said...

You say that it was wrong for the press to put out in the public what Liko had done, but then you did the same thing to Bruce McKay and Greg Floyd.

Isn't what is wrong for one, wrong for all?

Christopher King said...

Don't get it twisted.

I never said it was wrong for the press to put out what Liko has done. What I have pointed out is the inaccuracies, i.e. "on his Uncle's Property," when really that property is most likely held in fee simple by the entire family.

But more importantly, Ms. Doing the Right Thing -- or Gregory W. Floyd's sister because that's who your writing style reminds me of -- is that it was wrong for the press to report every time Liko spat on the sidewalk while not reporting the full story on Bruce McKay and Gregory W. Floyd.

I've got a very interesting scan coming for you this evening on Mr. Floyd.

And I haven't even got started yet on Messrs. McKay and Floyd.

Are we clear?

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask, because I've certainly got answers.

Anonymous said...

Just because you say you have answers doesn't mean they are the right answers, I can answer questions all day long about things I have no idea about, much like you, but those answers would be far from the correct answers.

Christopher King said...

Oh, shut up.

You just don't like the answers.

Read it and weep.

You don't like it, talk to the Georgia Clerk of Courts or TFC Robert E. Bruno, or Floyd himself, who admitted to being in violation of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) at least 3 times.

Anonymous said...

Again I'll ask what is your point, he is a felon, he has had weapons in the past, 10 years ago, he shot a person who had just shot a police officer, if he didn't shoot Liko somebody else would have had to shoot him that day and who knows how many others would have been injured or killed. Regardless of what Floyd had done in the past, he saved lives that day. If Floyd didn't kill Liko the police probably would have done it later that day after a long stand off. If he wanted to give up he should have dropped his gun and stayed in his car until other police officers arrived.

Christopher King said...

You sure do hypothesize alot.

You got any proof that Liko was bound to hurt anyone else other than McKay as he sat there in his car with his seatbelt on?

And again, the point of the matter is that Floyd has a propensity for lying and a propensity for violence that the government deliberately hid from us while exposing each and every thing that Liko did.

And Floyd lied right out the side of his neck in the investigation of 5/11 which again is a crime for which he should have been charged, not to mention the fact that his lies about his background bolstered his cred to the investigators and media in general:

"Hero Marine this and that."

"Vietnam vest this and that."

In reality your boy brags about "shooting a tree" in the link I just provided and lied about killing 43 people in combat.

If what you say is no Big Deal about Floyd then you certainly have no concerns about me clarifying the matter for the World public.

Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

He did not just sit in his car, he actually tried to run over the police officer that he had just shot. If Liko had dropped his gun to the ground and sat in his car "with his seat belt on", has little to do with the situation at hand, and waited for other police officer to show up, Liko would still be here today, and if Floyd had shot liko in that state, I would be 100% going after Floyd. But, it did not happen that way and Floyd had good cause to shot Liko with his seat belt on.
Tell the statute he violated and then tell me the elements of that offense and if you can tell me beyond any reasonable doubt Floyd met each and every element, I'll say you are a lying POS to the caliber of Floyd.

Christopher King said...

You wrote:

"He did not just sit in his car, he actually tried to run over the police officer that he had just shot."

No he did not. And first of all your original "point" was that Liko was bound to go start harming others. Stay on point. Focus. Click your heels and say it three times. Focus. Focus. Focus.

You have no facts to support what you say, and in fact Floyd's own son said that Liko stopped prior to striking McKay ("They did not actually hit the officer") with his car then backed up, that's when his father started shooting.


Now on to your other question "what's your point?"

The point is that the AG's report makes no mention of Floyd's being arrested for assault with dangerous weapons or his conviction for disorderly conduct yet the AG's report tells us about all matter of charges or possible charges against Liko Kenney that were never actualized.

To quote:

"Prior to the trial, Sgt. Beausoleil learned that
Kenney had engaged in potential witness tampering; that being, he attempted to try and
encourage the witnesses not to appear at his trial. This included a threat by Kenney that if he had to go to jail for simple assault he would kill the male juvenile and his grandmother when he was released.

On March 30, 2007, State Police Trooper Brian Doyle investigated a reckless conduct incident involving Liko Kenney.....

Liko was not convicted of witness tampering nor was he convicted or even tried for reckless conduct.


Lastly, you seem to want another analysis of the competing harms test. I've already done that for you.

Christopher King said...

And since you're so busy hypothesizing, why don't you take time to think about this:

What if McKay did have his hand on his gun when he walked out of camera range? Are you still going to tell me that Liko had no fear for his life after the Tahoe bash and a can of OC Spray to the face WITHOUT ANY DIRECTIVE OR COMMAND, which is totally in violation of any and all know police procedure?

What if there is a witness to the entire thing that you just don't know about?

Go stew on that for a while.

Anonymous said...

OK, I stewed on it, Liko had that gun out so fast, McKay was out of frame for how many seconds before Liko started to blast seven rounds in McKay's direction. The only time mcKay's weapon became a factor was when flyod felt fear for the safety of officer McKay and himself, and shot and killed Liko, and if you can show where in the statute a person needs to give verbal commands before using deadly force. You can't!! You can thank me later for the activity I brought you dried up blog. Has been hack :-)

Christopher King said...

I don't need your activity for my blawg, I get the information I need from people who email me directly.

And while you were cooking your stew, didja' realize that McKay has a history of doing and saying things just out of range camera and earshot. He was trademark for that in court.

As for verbal commands while OC Spraying, yes it is policy everywhere. Go ask a cop. I did. In fact, I asked a Lieutenant.

Oh, you left out the carrot in your stew:

"What if there is a witness to the entire thing that you just don't know about?"

....incomplete styles on the stove you manifest.

Christopher King said...

And here's a dash of garlic for you:

Is it permissible for Kelly to say to a duly-licensed attorney and U.S. Congressional candidate that all of the witness statements were consistent?

They sure as hell are not.

Is it okay for McKay and Franconia not to have the 2003 Use-of-Force Report and Arrest Report for Liko's arrest in Fox Hill Park, especially when all of the seizures effectuated in like manner were deemed Unconstitutional?

Remember, McKay told Liko he was "seized" well before he and two cops took him down behind his mother's Soobie that night.

Those things, they are not okay in a civilized society. They violate RSA 91-A.

Anonymous said...

OC is not deadly force I said deadly force referring to you focusing on Floyd giving commands to the occupants in the car. So you should heed your own word and focus, focus, focus. Let me ask you this little question, what is the use of force report, the use of force was detailed in his report and that was made public, are you one of those people that thinks redundancy bears repeating...

Anonymous said...

You are an idiot, Bruce McKay reason for being there was community policing, if he did not check that vehicle on a cold, snowing night and later something had happened to the occupant... Liko was not seized until he became disorderly. Once it was deemed he was being disorderly he committed a crime. When Mckay tried to effect an arrest and he pulled away resisting arrest, two completely legal arrests. McKay had a reason to be there, and Liko commited several crimes in front of him. So why don't you stop your meritless argument over theconstitutionality of the arrest. If there was an argument it would have been brought up and the whole case would have been dismissed, instead of only the drug charge being dropped.

Here is a hypothesizing for you to do, when the judge rules that you suit does not have merit and the state, the town of franconia and the chief of police countersue for expenses, will you have the money to pay for your fines and interest.

Christopher King said...

Your point of focus has no relevance.

1. McKay violated policies of use of force with the OC Spray in 2007.

2. Floyd lied about talking to Liko before he shot at him both times (i.e. from in front of the car and at Caleb's window).

3. There is no use of force report or arrest report from 2003 which is a violation of RSA 91-A.


While you were focused on something that has no relevance I was busy writing the Attachment Index for filing tomorrow.

That's the focus.

Anonymous said...

You know this is Sam Colt, aka MPSSG, etc. Frightening this person is in LE, one of McKay's cronies.

Christopher King said...

He ain't nothin' to me but a fart in the wind.

Anonymous said...

What crime was commited while floyd did or did not talk to Liko. Show me where Floyd was required to give directions to Liko.

You do have the arrest report from 2003, it was released to you and you did post it online.

Don't know who Sam colt, MPSSG, AKA, or etc are. I'm just a person that comes here to bust King's balls then leave.

Christopher King said...

What crime was commited while floyd did or did not talk to Liko. Show me where Floyd was required to give directions to Liko.

.....Murder and lying to investigators about it (and other things) is a violation of RSA 641:3 as noted by NH AG Peter Heed pursuant to the Manchester Diocese Investigation. Read it here.

You do have the arrest report from 2003, it was released to you and you did post it online.

......That's not what Attorney Mullen said. Watch him here.

Don't know who Sam colt, MPSSG, AKA, or etc are. I'm just a person that comes here to bust King's balls then leave.

..... You can't break brass balls.

Anonymous said...

They may not break but if the pressure is strong enough they will crush.

Anonymous said...

On a side bar, I hope everyone does have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday spent with friends and family. If you are traveling be safe.

Christopher King said...

"They may not break but if the pressure is strong enough they will crush.

Nah, Kelly and Marty and their band of merry pranksters already tried that, hoss.