02 November 2007

Lunch with KingCast, Attorney Crnilovic-Phillips, Devon Sawyer, J.D. and the Hon. Bernie Streeter.

Yep, Mayor Streeter and KingCast both dig the sushi restaurant buffet at the Red Leaf (nee Osaka Tea Garden). Funny no sooner than I zip Hizzoner an email about a Civil Rights matter this morning, I go to have lunch with my buds from American Tower and I look across the way and Mayor Streeter is standing there. So we rapped for a minute about some things that I will not delve into at this moment but which will be evident in November, and had a great time. Attorney Phillips and Mr. Sawyer's likenesses (they had already settled their cases with ATC when we made the movie) are seen in the KingCast short films "American Lawyer Two and Three," which showcase the shenanigans set forth by a dirty telecommunications company named American Tower, now under shareholder derivative litigation for backdating stock options. Dig the part when they call the cops on me after I correctly demanded overtime pay for my trainees, an actual phone call :)

Here's the video of Attorney Phillips at home when she's correctly saying that I'm not the bad guy when WMUR pulled a drive-by when I was out of town before I totally slammed those Attempted Felony Extortion charges from when I was NAACP Legal Chair. It was the stupidest case I've ever heard of, and the cop and prosecutor that brought it were fired and resigned under an ethics investigation. Here's the video "Live Revolution" of me fighting that nonsense and talking with a reporter who never aired the story.

Now back to work.

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