26 November 2007

KingCast video of the day "Dirty Mary Crazy Larry."

This trailer and movie stand as eloquent rebuttal to the Police State news coverage we're seeing so much of today, in particular tonight's ABC News Story "Officer Down." Read the IMdB review right here. It rocks, and the moview quotes in the comments are off the chain. Read about tonight's ABC News story right here.

Best line from the movie though? Vic Morrow I think it is tells Fonda he can't outrun him: "Son I got me a 440 with a six-pack and my top end is uuuuunnnnnlimited!!!"

Go Peter Fonda. Go Susan George. Go Liko Kenney. Go Franconia Collective. Go KingCast; we ain't gettin' hit with no stinking train at the end of our Journey.


Christopher King said...

Larry Rayder: If a man was smart, you know what he'd do right now?

Deke: What?

Larry Rayder: I don't know. I thought maybe you'd know.


Larry Rayder: I think I'm gonna screw Miss Mary. You mind, Deke?

Mary Coombs: I mind, Yo-yo.

Larry Rayder: Well, you didn't mind last night. Matter of fact, you kept begging for more.

Mary Coombs: Oh. Well maybe that gives you some idea of how little I was getting.

Christopher King said...

I found the unlimited part:

"Hanks: [walking through police garage] Stevie! Stevie, ma boy! Where are ya?

Steve: Hey!

Hanks: Where the hell's that car at?
[referring to high-performance police car]

Steve: Over here... but she ain't got any siren or lights yet.

Hanks: Hey look, all I care about, is what you've got under that hood.

Steve: Take a look
[starts police car, car rumbles to life]

Hanks: [smiles broadly] So, what's my top end on this?

Steve: Unlimited.


And then later:

Hanks: I'm gonna stick right up your ass this time, buddy!

Hanks: I'm gonna eat your lunch, you long-haired faggot!

Hanks: Keep going partner, 'cause my top end is unlimited!"


Simply unbelievable. No wonder they never run that on TV.

jack said...

Oh my... I've never heard of dirty mary & crazy larry before now...

Looks to me like ABC did some sleepy lazy reporting for the nightly news. It's a shame. I mean if the Franconia situation is used in the report, it's clear to me that a little research didn't get accomplished first. I'm sure there's a better example out there to enforce the point of the report.

& I've been wondering where 20/20 is as well.

The last time I posted a comment, I mentioned MJ. I totally realize that MJ half-assed it. I'm not sure how to quote the article without being in the wrong - but what caught my attention was on page 170. The part about how freakazoyd Floyd raged at Caleb & told him to quit crying. I don't know what this writer was up to - but that part, in particular nagged at me & caused me to search for answers.

I guess now the article just makes me question the credibility of the journalist. But I'm also questioning the credibility of Ayotte & a whole bunch of other jokers. I'm not praising the article - in fact, I intend to send a letter to the magazine complaining about it. It only happened to get my attention.

This case is crazy. You go Chris!

I'm glad to hear your Thanksgiving was nice. Your comments about the food made me hungry.

Christopher King said...

Hey Jack, thanks for the perspective.

For newbies Jack is referring to the Men's Journal story that contained endless inaccuracies. Given the fact that I also spoke with people who spoke with MJ, and who have me some of the emails they gave to MJ I can safely say it goes beyond sloppy reporting.

There are editorial decisions and mandates involved.

Here's a 15 - paragraph analysis.

Christopher King said...

And from the email tip jar:

Hey guys! I missed the news last night; however, without even watching it, I am soooo offended that they used the Franconia piece on a news series about "officers down."

This series should be about the dangers that LE face every day from the public, not about an ongoing series of "difficulty" within a town that resulted in the officer's death not to mention the citizen's death.

It does not do credit to the LE out there who are honest and have integrity for them to lump them with McKays' death. I fear every time my husband is on the street and if something happens to him then he will have died doing what he wanted to do and doing it in an honorable way.

And, I sent an email to the producers telling them this.

Christopher King said...

Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2007 11:45:39 -0800 (PST)
From: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
Subject: I'm extremely displeased with ABC's "coverage" on "Officer Down," Andrew.
To: Andrew.Paparella@abc.com


That was pathetic.

Please tell me 20/20 is considering its own show.

Very truly yours,

-Christopher King, J.D.


KingCast says ABC News coverage "Officer Down" is shallow and misleading reporting, on Franconia. And where is 20/20's Andrew Paparella?

When I was an editor and photojournalist for the Call & Post (or even now as a blogger), I might have covered this in a different way than Charles Gibson and his associates, with a different focus......