11 November 2007

KingCast thanks Uncle Joe and all the U.S. Veterans for giving dissidents a meaningful voice in America, especially in the Franconia shooting tragedy.

Thanks to Uncle Joe (RIP) with whom I lived in Norfolk, VA for a couple of weeks. He always told me, even 7 years ago, "Nephew you need to write a book, or make a movie."

If he were alive today he would be livid over NH AG Kelly Ayotte covering up for a 3-time Felon and twice AWOL, PCP and theft-by-taking Marine thug like Gregory Floyd, but fortunately for the Cause of Justice -- and using retired JAG personnel, ironically -- I caught her and Homicide Section Chief Jeffery Strelzin all up in it as you can clearly see in yesterday's post.

On Tuesday I am going to very publicly thank these soldiers. Stay tuned.

Editor's Note: I publicly thanked the U.S. Veterans when Nashua Mayor and 30-year Executive Council member Bernie Street awarded me a Right-to-Know/First Amendment Commendation.



Christopher King said...

The Nashua Veterans' Day Parade was beautiful.

It couldn't have been a nicer day for that.

Charles Duffy said...

Uncle Joe was the man!

Christopher King said...

Yes he was.

And he could cook, too!