06 November 2007

KingCast still cool as a cat with Kelly Ayotte; meets more youth who are down for the Cause of Open Government.

One year ago Kelly was Plaintiff and I was Defendant.

I won.

Now KingCast is the Plaintiff and she is the Defendant.

I will win again.

Funny that post came up yesterday on a BMW forum about what to do with old metric TRX rims. Basically replace them and you make an outdoor work table out of them when the tyres wear out. It's All Good except Liko Kenney never got a chance to replace his E28 BMW TRX rims, he got bullied by a nasty cop and then shot by a 3 time felon with a history of violence.

Anyway, tonight I met Nate Osit, from Lowell 91.5. He was GM and currently hosts a political show there on Tuesdays. That's all you need to know for now, but folks like him and JHP, from Littleton who is working a thesis project on the Franconia shooting tragedy, are the new face of the First Amendment.

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Christopher King said...

Wow Elisabeth was giving me the Death Stare, wasn't she!

Same look I'll give Kelly at her Deposition.