18 November 2007

KingCast short film of the Day for First Amendment, RSA 91-A and Right-to-Know: "Lawyerman."

Watch it here. The key words are "so what... what are they trying to hide?" that I utter as I open my mail and find that the Government's attorneys are trying to keep Deposition Transcript testimony from being published here. They can't do that. The Court agreed with me and that's why I look forward to seeing the response when I Notice Defendants Ayotte and Montminy for Deposition in the Franconia Shooting Tragedy Right-to-Know litigation, Grafton 07-E-268.

I don't have a lot of movies. Any idiot can put up loops on YouTube and make "movies." The material that we post, however, has timeless appeal because each one addresses weighty Constitutional issues. There will be a new one up soon though, from the Nashua First Amendment/Right-to-Know Mayoral Commendation last week.

Non Sequitur: Watch this Porsche 996 Turbo walk away from a new BMW M6. You hear the turbo spool up for just a second and then it's all over. All. Over. Keep in mind the BMW has +500hp.


lucidiocy said...

Hey Chris,

I'd love for you to check out this story:

Brian is married to my cousin, and this crooked cop did the same thing to 2 close friends of mine. What's your take on the law in Corvallis regarding this? I can't believe this is even possible. Brian is a teetotaler. I've known him since he was in 9th grade, I went to his wedding last year (he didn't even use real champagne for his toast). This cop has the same sort of infamous reputation McCay was known for and his arrest record was eerily similar.

let me know if you have trouble with the link.

Christopher King said...

Hey great to hear from my Lady in Parliament!

For those who don't know, Lucidiocy and I go way back (at least in Internet terms) as she has been following the Franconia shooting tragedy as noted herein.

I made the link to your story highlight, you can use the "a" prompt email me and I'll send it back to you.


Innocent Man Brian Noakes' Reputation tagged by hater cop like Bruce McKay

The case is just like Michael Isreal's, my black client from Ohio who doesn't drink, either but had the nerve to tell his brother in front of a white cop (and in front of their mother's Civic Award winning garden while sitting in a new 1996 Cadillac Northstar on April Fools' Day) "This town is racist"

Read about it here (and dig the old Prince Pro hiding behind the Wilson Pro Staff. What a rug beater, both of them. But the Pro Staff is actually a good racket, wish I still had it).

We sued the piss outta' those guys and got him $58,500 and had the cops found to made him a victim of crime but I'm not sure if anything is still on his record in Ohio; we felt that he was adequately vindicated as everyone knew about the case and lawsuit and he worked for himself anyway.

On a related note, I'm a victim of CORI laws (Criminal Offender Record Info) myself, because of my indictment as NAACP legal chair even though all those charges were dismissed I bet it still appears as a CORI hit, there for all potential employers to see. It's one thing for me to notice those issues here but it's an entirely different one to have the State put that stamp on you. It's Draconian.

So you may want to start research on the move to reform CORI and make some parallel arguments in this case. One of the client's at the firm where I work is an expert in the field if you want his contact we can arrange that as well.

So good to hear from you!!

After I finish the Attachments this week I need to clean up a bunch of blogrolls and add you to it; tanks for 'rolling me. These are things that progressive bloggers should never miss.


Anonymous said...

uh-huh ~
CORI is another issue mentioned by four of us here (i've been counting) in conversation over time. very interesting. it certainly has a lifelong, negative impact for some of us, either directly or through relatives.
CORI is another tool to benefit "the system" and tarnish lives. i'll talk with you when i see you sometime.

Anonymous said...

See 651:5 Annulment of Criminal Records.

Paragraph 651:5 II
II. Any person whose arrest has resulted in a finding of not guilty, or whose case was dismissed or not prosecuted, may petition for annulment of the arrest record at any time in accordance with the provisions of this section.

and 651:5 IX.

IX. When a petition for annulment is timely brought, the court shall require the department of corrections to report to the court concerning any state or federal convictions, arrests or prosecutions of the petitioner and any other information which the court believes may aid in making a determination on the petition. The department shall charge the petitioner a fee of $100 to cover the cost of such investigation unless the petitioner demonstrates that he is indigent or he has been found not guilty or his case has been dismissed or not prosecuted in accordance with paragraph II. The court shall provide a copy of the petition to the prosecutor of the underlying offense and permit them to be heard regarding the interest of justice in regard to the petition.

Christopher King said...

Dig it.

I knew that but sometimes forget about taking care of myself I'm so busy helping others. Gotta' tend to that soon. Hell I've thought about suing them too.

See they dismissed the charges because had I gone to trial and won with a NG it's an ironclad lawsuit, but a nol pross makes it more difficult.

But then again I like a challenge, and all of their dirty dirt is maintained nicely in JPEG'd documents right here on line.

But of course getting ahold of Marty Dunn for service could be problematic; need to have one of my LE buddies look him up.