19 November 2007

KingCast sells Nashua's first 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa; life still begins at 150 in Franconia.

Okay. Truth be known I really prefer middleweight bikes, or the Honda 919 or Suzuki 1250 Bandit-style whip, but damn that thing is STRONG. Pulls like a freight train even off idle and I didn't have it much above that it seems. I think taking the key out of its blue plastic shroud constitutes a traffic felony in 23 states :) And the guy who bought it? Well he starts climbing all around it, looking for a place to fit a nitrous bottle for the dragstrip. Wow.

I mean, this is a STOCK 2008 'Busa in this YouTube video. The speedometer looks more like a tachometer, huh? "Governed" to 186mph. 150 doesn't scare me, been there done that. 186 scares me. But in Franconia, some (read: Martha Mcleod) folks on the Recovery and Reconciliation Committee seem terrified of 150, still spiritually unborn.

We're talking about the 150+ citizen responses to this query, of course. See, they haven't released them as they said they would, even with names redacted. I blew it. I should have waited until they turned them over to the town then they would have been public record. As it stands I don't think they will ever release them. Could litigate it but it's not worth it.

Read the comments for the Committee's promise to release the information "as soon as it is transcribed."

Anyway, Kelly released redacted stuff all the time, including this item -- about Gregory W. Floyd's aggression -- which in point of fact should NOT have been redacted.


Christopher King said...

The following is taken from page three of the "Preliminary Report to Franconia Select Board from the Franconia Area Recovery and Reconciliation Committee, July 16, 2007"

This has been a summary and preliminary report. THE FULL TEXT OF RESPONSES TO OUR COMMUNITY SURVEY WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE AS SOON AS IT CAN BE TRANSCRIBED. We hope this will serve as a starting point, leading to further dialogue and subsequent reports. AS stated, our mission is recovery and reconciliation; as such, we hope to support all segments of the community in their efforts to be safe, move forward and "do the right thing" on the path to a better community.

Submitted by the Franconia Area Recovery and Reconciliation Committee:

Martha McLeod, Mark Lindberg, Steve Heath, Susan Brown, Roland Shick, Ginny Jeffryes, Gary Harwood, Chris Fowler, Rev. Gary Hart, Tim Bray"

Anonymous said...

thanks for the indepth blog. the hayabusa looks great. but this bike is crazy fast. you had better have got some motorbike Insurance if you plan on buying this one.Personally I'm gonna stick with my 07 yamaha r6, no bike looks better than this. not even the yamaha 2008 design. I would take the suzuki hayabusa over the 08 R6 version anyday.