16 November 2007

KingCast self-review on Nashua Mayoral First Amendment/RSA 91-A Right-to-Know Award reception.

I just reviewed my performance from Tuesday and I am rock steady, despite the fact that I have not presented before a Jury, Judge or public board on any consistent basis since 2000-2002 when I did zoning for wireless communication companies. Never late, never lost a case alone in zoning or with any of the lawyers I worked for on corporate side for ZBA appeals. In the video, which the Franconia Collective will place online soon, I do lose the microphone (it's actually behind me) for a while but that won't be an issue in Grafton. I'm only slightly uptight, do not wander and just when it seems that I am about to wander or lose place I give the audience a directive to reign in their attention in the direction it should go.

I'm Good. Damn Good. Always better than my peers and not shy to say it.

Now as to directives, had Bruce McKay had given Liko Kenney a directive (i.e. "we're writing you a ticket" or "you're under arrest, backup is coming") when he OC sprayed the living daylights out of him after bashing him back 40 feet -- I measured it -- with the Tahoe, he might be alive today. Hell, even if he had told Liko backup was coming he might be alive, but instead he had to toy with a man who already told him he was a MENTAL HEALTH PATIENT from the backseat of his cruiser 4 years prior.

Note that McKay doesn't give a damn, doesn't even check to find out what the diagnosis is. That's because he was an unfit cop and a bully and it cost him and Franconia Big Time, as the wife of a former Police Officer noted to me in this entry about McKay's penis-shaped knife: He put it near her labia without Just Cause and she had to ask him three (3) times
"Bruce what are you doing?" --- the same exact thing that Liko said just before he died.

Those who placed the 2003 video online did a disservice to the Public by not playing the second half of that video, but KingCast and the Franconia Collective have placed that online right here.


Anonymous said...

you're SO right...any of those options could have altered the course of 5/11. hard to understand how anyone can question the intensity of mckay's anger, but they do. the tire tracks tell part of the story. it's all explained very well in the motion for declaratory judgment.
it was business as usual for mckay...testing the extreme limits of his power to abuse.

Christopher King said...

True that.

Someone on Topix accused me of creating a circus, and someone there has called me a "carnival barker."

You know what?

That's half true.

The circus was created by Kelly.


Christopher King said...

And dig this comment I just sent in on another board:

"If I were to show you the full portfolio on Gregory W. Floyd, regardless of Liko Kenney you would say:

"Hmmm. Pot and PCP felon, stole a marble Virgin Mary, arrested for Assault w/dangerous weapon, threatened the life of a school administrator for no lawful reason (I have her Affidavit and they changed the school because of it), convicted of disturbing the peace, in violation of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) in Mass and MH (I have the police research on that) you would say 'That M-F is a candidate for the Homeland Security surveillance.'"

As noted in this post.