15 November 2007

KingCast second oldie of the day for Franconia: The Ojay's "Backstabbers."

Here is the YouTube video. Dig the honey in the front with the tall guy and the guy to her left does the "smile in your face" pose halfway through. Too awesome for words. Anyway, a Common Misperception about Liko Kenney is that he shot Bruce McKay in the back. He did not. And well before that ever happened, the Franconia selectmen and Police Chief Mark Montminy allowed the Cause of Justice to be stabbed in the back, and maced in the face, by Bruce McKay. Read the 5th comment here for more discussion on the O'Jays and Gerald Levert (RIP) who was a hero from my hometown.

Picture courtesy of Giant Gene's Soul-Patrol.


Charles Duffy said...


What first came to mind was our nations courts prosecutors. And Judges

Christopher King said...

Whoa that's a loaded statement I won't touch that, but I did discover that Elvis Costello covers this song, check it out in this post asking for proof that Bruce McKay was on duty at 6p on 11 May 2007 when his GPS Communicator was off and he was not wearing his vest.