25 November 2007

KingCast says Senior NH AAG Kristin M. Spath is Defendant Ayotte's designee on the Right to Know Commission and she violated RSA 91-A 11-15 in 2006.

How funny is this (not very but I'll tell you anyway): Kristen M. Spath is the Chief of Consumer Protection at the NH AG's Office. She is also Defendant Ayotte's designee on the RSA 91-A Commission that was statutorily ordered to file an annual report on 1 Nov. of every year, but which failed to do so in 2006. Perhaps she was too busy wasting time coming after me for UPL in 2006 to focus on the details of her position. And by the way, she lost that case badly, even though they tried to get me with Ex Post Facto laws, using a new statute on old activity. They were also admonished for failing to follow the rules of Civil Procedure.

That's Senior AAG Constance Stratton shaking my hand in a Hillsborough County Court hearing.

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Christopher King said...

More mumbo-jumbo that means nothing but it's supposed to mean something. Look at item (h).

RSA 92:2 Oath Required. Any such person who violates said oath after taking the same shall be forthwith dismissed from the office or position involved....

The members of the oversight commission shall be as follows:

(a) Four members of the house of representatives, one from the science, technology and energy committee, one from the municipal and county government committee, one from the judiciary committee, and one other member, appointed by the speaker of the house.

(b) Three members of the senate, appointed by the president of the senate.

(c) Three municipal officials, appointed by the New Hampshire Municipal Association.

(d) One school board member, appointed by the New Hampshire School Boards Association.

(e) One school administrator, appointed by the New Hampshire School Administrators Association.

(f) Two county officials, appointed by the New Hampshire Association of Counties.

(g) Four members of the public, one of whom shall be an attorney who has knowledge of and experience with the right-to-know law, one of whom shall be an information technology professional, and one of whom shall be a telecommunications professional, all appointed by the governor with the consent of the council.

(h) The attorney general, or designee.