10 November 2007

KingCast says NH AG Kelly Ayotte doesn't care that Gregory W. Floyd is a liar and a lunatic; witness his claims of "Vietnam" and "43 kills."

She has absolutely no responsive documents to these queries:

1. Any and all documentation you have that would indicate your research into whether the 43 kills that Gregory Floyd claims to have made were done with government approval and in the line of government-sanctioned activities.

2. If different from #1, any and all documentation you have that Gregory Floyd actually killed 43 human beings.

That's a shame because Floyd used those statements -- as well as his lies about being in Vietnam -- to bolster his cred at the scene of the shooting where he murdered Liko Kenney, in my opinion.

Senior AG/Homicide chief Strelzin is tardy with his responses on this.

This is one of the uglier criminal cases of modern jurisprudence, you bet. Even if the major press seems to want to keep on ignoring it.

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