10 November 2007

KingCast says it's official: Kelly Ayotte knew Gregory W. Floyd lied about his military background & knew he was a 3 time felon; hid it from America.

Homicide AG Section Chief Jeffery A. Strelzin wrote me regarding this post:

"Items 1, 6 and 7 were in our possession and not released by our office; and Items 2, 3, 4 and 5 were in our possession and released by our office."

Frankly I don't remember seeing items 2, 3, 4, or 5 but will double check the investigative files on disc. Everyone else let me know if they see them because no one yet has told me that they have in fact seen those documents prior to KingCast posting them here. The documents:

4. Held guns in Mass. (true)
5. Search warrant signed by Judge Cyr, Floyd a druggie.(true)

I will argue in the Right-to-Know lawsuit that the State cannot meet its burden of nondisclosure here because the military report is accessible by the general public (read the FOIA summation) and Floyd was in the military when convicted of stealing the Virgin Mary. He might have been young, but:

a) Juveniles cannot serve in the military and
b) His Felony conviction wouldn't have been published unless he was tried as an adult, see generally this Topix thread with one of my military JAG lawyer buddies chiming in.
c) N.H. Rev. Stat. Ann.§ 169-B:37 (1999): It is a misdemeanor for the news media to publish identifying information about juveniles without court permission, or to make public any juvenile court proceedings. HOWEVER, information about the disposition of cases involving acts that would be felonies if committed by an adult may be published.

Law firm? I don't need no stinking law firm, I've got people from all over the Country -- seasoned lawyers and U.S. Congressional candidates -- as law clerks, viva the power of the Internet :)

But I do still work for Crnilovic & Phillips, and they support these endeavors as well :)

Look: Kelly knew this guy was a straight-up thug, because Easton Police Chief Robert Every told her so:
"All of us have made mistakes in our lives; in Mr. Floyd's case the behavior extends beyond a mistake; there is a pattern, a pattern of past violence, paranoid behavior and excessive anger. While no one can predict the future, I feel Mr. Floyd is capable of showing up at Lafayette Elementary School or at a neighbor's house with an automatic weapon..."
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Strelzin, by the way, didn't want us to videotape him in the vestibule of the AG's office, a place entirely consonant with that sort of activity. But he couldn't back up his request as noted in this post.


Christopher King said...

From the email tip jar from a military friend of mine out near my sister's house in Dallas -- the same woman who is landlord to American Tower and going through hell with them:

"Absolutely amazing. Did they truly believe they would keep this under cover forever? I mean, really - ???"

Christopher King said...

From the myspace tip jar:

"Hello I am the mother of the two kids that got sprayed by mckay at the profile school. My sons both knew Liko and Caleb . I believe that if it wasn't Liko then it would have been someone else. Alot of people did not agree with the way Mckay handled himself as a law officer."

Christopher King said...

Another email tip jar:


Just wanted you to know, my son who is a senior in prep school this year, has been listening to me talk about you, and he's beginning to understand the importance of knowing his rights and how to handle situations that question the law and his rights. He spoke with eloquence to the Dean of Students the other day on behalf of his dorm mates on an issue that questioned a new?rule vs. long standing tradition at the school, and he had you to model himself by. I thank you for that. Your influence far surpasses the state boundary lines of NH, and you are touching more people than you could ever know.

If you ever get a moment, as he approaches career decisions, I'm sure he'd think hearing from you would be awesome.

All the Best,

ps thank you for keeping Maura on Likos' coat tails to justice. Ther's a part of me that feels she's helped pave the way for what lies ahead.

KingCast says: I will advise him to always have major allies with him before he challenges the establishment or else he will have a hard way to do.

Christopher King said...

Another email tip jar comment:

Hey thanks [Blank] I truly appreciate that.

And the Mayor of Nashua does as well, that's why I'm getting a key to the city tomorrow.

Straight up.

And it's more than Maura and Liko, there's Brianna
Maitland and another missing girl up there, and other freakish things you can read about in this post, including a boy chained to a police officer's jeep for sex.

This one is actually about a cop who allegedly raped a DWI suspect for the other stories Click on the second link, "Trifecta Post."


There is more police malfeasance in the North Country than you can shake a stick at, but people like us are what is required to help address this pernicious evil in which our Attorney General has become complicitous.

Peace to you and keep in touch.



Dear Chris/Christopher,

I am [blank] on the Maura Murray Forum. I met Debbie and Jeff Jesseman through the Forum. I have corresponded with both a few times.

So many times I have thought of writing to you. I think you are wonderful and don't know how you tolerate the ignorance of some of those Blog writers. I used to sign off my Postings with "3 Monkeys" in regard to the North Country resident's state of mind. Now I just call them Ostriches. I have a summer shack on a lake in [blank] ...and relatives in [blank]...and they are all indeed Ostriches.

There is a big nest of rodents in that area. They all sleep together..not literally...well maybe. ie Haverhill FD/EMS/Lavoie's Towing kin...uncles,nephews, etc. There are the cya conspirators vs the fearful of making waves. Also, ,there is local/state government playing bully Czars.

Again, you are great...I do admire and appreciate you for doing what is honorable, in an area that needs you. They are just too ignorant to know it.

Thank you...
Hugs, [Name withheld at this juncture but I'm sure she'll be at the hearing; most of the time I leave the names out not by request of the individuals who sometime later tell me "no, it's okay" but because I know how nasty our government can be and I don't want their wings clipped because I might need to call on them for help later, and if we're all under indictment or being hounded then they will get marginalized as well. That having been said, Jeff Jesseman is the MAN, and more people in Franconia will be following his example as time takes on.]


Lifer said...

There is so much support yet to be tapped. Good to see these comments from some very good and concerned citizens. Well deserved Chris!

Christopher King said...

Oh yeah it's just getting started and it won't be finished until we complete a movie about a community that healed itself, and have an AG apologize in some fashion or other, for a flawed investigation.

In lieu of an apology I'll accept a couple of court decisions, including one that says not providing these documents violated the Right-to-Know Laws of New Hampshire.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

NH is the epitome of disgusting. Is this really a surprise. God if only RICO could extend to NH itself because NH is an organized crime controlled regime. From Fairbanks, child trafficking, and covering up murders and promoting thugs to politicans NH is a mess. It makes me wonder if NH is this corrupt but a small state what is going on in the bigger states.