17 November 2007

KingCast says "Hey, Hispanics... American Tower Corporation is hiring, so go ahead and appply if you want to get abused and abuse others!"

There's an ad here that leads to this job description, for the Hispanics to come in and do the dirty work that this black man used to do. The description is materially deficient, for it neglects to mention you will be in charge of violating Texas code against property owners and stuff. And the company is in litigation on shareholder derivative lawsuits for backdating stock options, all the slimy largesse of America's largest wireless infrastructure giant. One Good thing: One such property owner just down the road from my sister's place near Dallas found me and knitted me a really cool winter hat and scarf; it's in the mail :)

As you see by the U.S. Department of Labor press release in this post, at least I got my trainees paid the overtime that they were owed.

They even made Attorney Crnilovic-Phillips, me and other participate in a little short propaganda film celebrating Gordon Gekko, I kid you not. I am so glad we sued them, they are the dirtiest company I have ever dealt with in any capacity, notwithstanding NH AG Kelly Ayotte's office as noted in related posts section of this entry where I got the Mayoral First Amendment/Right-to-Know Commendation. Here's the Gordon Gekko post.

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Christopher King said...

Friggin' hootlarious, former VEEP Jody Mitchell said I was the "Best groud lease reviewer we've ever had," and that "If we had more Chris King's the company wouldn't be in the trouble we're in now."

I guess she was correct because they sure as hell screwed up Dee Schauer's contract, I'll tell you THAT.

But shortly after that award I demanded overtime for everyone and then they started firing me and everyone who supported me. It was a real trip :)