16 November 2007

KingCast says "Hey can I have a copy of Bruce McKay's full autopsy?"

I want one so I'm going to ask for it. You know, we checked in to Barry Bonds and stuff and look what we allegedly found. Don't know about Mark McGwire though, he looks safe at home. Folks wanted one in Boston with a couple of firefighters, they got it and look what happened: A lil' llello and some acka'holl, Jack. Need to know how much cocaine though, a trace is a trace, what from last week? 3 days or 2 hours? But with the other bloke .27 BAC is a LOT drunk. My neighbor Brian is a firefighter and I respect him (and his family) a WHOLE LOT.

He would never do this type of thing. This is my firefighter's post of 1 August, 2007 and this is the Topix post out of Boston but be warned that "Angry Black Man" is actually not me. There are more than one of us out here, and nowadays we can read and write and stuff; vote as if that matters. And some of us even know the law better than those who seek to oppress us and other undesirables across the Globe and out of, say..... Franconia.

Now back to Bonds et al. for a minute: Wilbon says
"He may forever be the face of the steroid era, but it would be wrong to deal with Bonds without the greater context. Whatever is done to him should be done to everyone.

Here's a really good blog about Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds. I put my favorite comment from there in my comments section.


Christopher King said...

Also need Liko's autopsy because there's already major conflict as to:

1. Where he was struck, i.e. was it head and neck or was he shot in the chest, witness statements are at odds on that.

2. The coroner's comment about him having a "faint or light orange residue" (not verbatim) is bogus too, and I noted that in the lawsuit another reporting officer said Likos face was ALL COLORED with OC Spray.

Yep. So much bullshit, so little time. Thankfully I've got teams of folks helping me manage it.


Christopher King said...

By Art Marinelli

January 10, 2007 12:15 PM | Link to this

As previously stated Mark did not violate any laws with his using the substances he used. That is because at the time the laws against illegal substances was somewhat unclear. The reason I think he should not be admitted is because of his arrogant attitude and the way he lied to congress. Just because he is a big-time super star does not give him the right to lie. The hall is filled with honorable men and his likes is not a good fit. The same thing goes for Mr. Barry Bonds, he is even worse.