03 November 2007

KingCast says Franconia Defendant Police Chief Mark Montminy is all caught up in yet another lie about Bruce McKay and complaints filed against him.

A while back the town issued press correspondence that said McKay had eight (8) complaints filed against him (presumably including the knife-near-labia terrorism) between 1997-2000:
"Town officials declined to release full copies or details of the complaints, commendations and training certificates in McKay's file, saying those are part of McKay's confidential personnel file. Six of the eight complaints were filed in 1997; the other two were filed in 1999 and 2000."

I don't swear anymore on this blawg, but that would be a bald-faced lie. First there was Troy Watts's 2005 complaint about not only the use of OC Spray, but then McKay lying in Court.

Now I am reading a pdf copy of another 2005 complaint sent to the town about McKay's use of OC Spray at Profile School involving two minors on or about 16 May 2005.
"Contact the Franconia Selectboard to confirm the many complaints of Officer Mackays [sic] inappropriate actions in the community.

Anyone should be afraid to have him represent Franconia's legal team. He is a loaded cannon waiting to go off and he is going to hurt someone worse than he did to these two young men.

If you were to be sprayed and have it burn your eyes so bad I'm sure I would become aggressive also and fight back.

I will upload the entire document later today or tomorrow but this is truly pathetic. To have a town run under by a bully like Bruce McKay is one thing. But not to own up to it after the fact and admit it is yet another. Meanwhile, even people on the Franconia Reconciliation and Recovery Committee are stewing over this, generational community residents are upset and college students are writing KingCast for information on senior thesis projects.

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Anonymous said...

Chris - Sorry to go off topic, but appreciate a place and opportunity to state my feelings and a brief overview, having just read the 100+ page Caleb MacAuley's interview.
I remain impressed by his candor, honest, polite and detailed communication, and his immense respect for law enforcement.
I am brought to tears by the awful circumstances in which he found himself, and grateful for the unnamed officer who was very human to this young man at the scene.
I cannot believe he survived Floyd's shooting spree, followed by Floyd's verbal torment and threat of further harm.
And, Chris....this thing has legs and wings....all for the sake of those who were harmed, and for those who will be protected in the future from the few officers who are unfit and demonstrate abuse of power.
Caleb and Liko were engaged in full-time hard work, and had plans and visions for their separate lives. I hope Caleb will continue to work toward reaching all of his goals and achieve well-deserved success.

Christopher King said...

No worries, I am not a "topic freak," especially when there are so many issues in a complex situation like this one.

Caleb has struggled and I know he is geographically in a nicer place for him right now and I think he will be okay in the end.

As for Franconia I want to see a movie about a town that healed itself, but as I noted before when you have a case of acne you don't heal it by putting foundation over it and saying "all better."

You try to purify your diet, flush out the bad and get good with your maker.

Franconia has instead invested in Estee Lauder by the boatload.

Christopher King said...

And one more thing.

In Caleb's interview he is interrupted or directed toward what the State wants to hear a couple of times right when he's starting to get into it good.

Once when he describes how he had made eye contact with Floyd Sr. and again when he describes the "boom smash" of the Tahoe.

Take a look, way at the bottom of Hero Floyd post #1.

This is another Hero Floyd post, updated with the information about Floyd's 3 Felonies and stuff.

Anonymous said...

you're right...layers and layers of content....and as i hit your link back to 7/7/07 i lift:

Wentworth then is asked at p. 353 and acknowledges that he has "developed a close relationship" with McKay and volunteers "I'm familiar with [Liko] by reputation as a dirt bag."

...which goes along with this article i missed this summer, although better late than never:



"Dave Wentworth is a caring and compassionate individual," Smith said. "I think he's a good mix for the town of Sugar Hill.

oh, yeah! REALLY professional, caring and compassionate. DW identifies Liko's car at p.327 as a "Piece of crap car." ... the one with Liko's lifeless body in the driver's seat.

Justice was meted out to Liko on scene by Floyd, and apparently in the State of New Hampshire you get to walk freely if you kill a cop killer. The second wrong makes a right in the eyes of the AG's office. Twisted much?!

Anonymous said...

correct link:


Christopher King said...

Thanks for that info.

It's hard to keep everything catalogued but thanks to folks like you that task is made somewhat easier, or at least less difficult.

It's truly a wall of oppression.


Anonymous said...

To whom was the complaint letter sent; Profile, the select board, Chief of Police?

Lifer said...


The selectboard, and they should have retained a copy and brought it up to the Chief of Police. It in turn should have been filed in McKay's record as an official complaint, anonymous or not. It was written with genuine concern and without malice. It was sent anonymously because of FEAR or retribution by McKay.

I'm positive the selectboard failed on all counts. A Citizen Review Board could have facilitated an investigation and this person would have felt safer and not hid anonomously. All of which underscores the need for REAL CHANGE, not lip service and status quo.

Sending anything to Montminy is pointless and the person who wrote this letter was well aware of this fact.

Christopher King said...


Goes right back to the 13-page complaint filed by Ms. B about the penish-shaped knife that Bruce wielded that was given directly to Montminimum, to which he and the selectboard failed to respond.

It's disgusting, and as I have said, the blood of Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay will wash over the souls of Mark Montminy, the Franconia Selectboard and those at the AG's Office who continue to obfuscate the Truth.

Christopher King said...

From the myspace tip jar:

"Hello I am the mother of the two kids that got sprayed by mckay at the profile school. My sons both knew Liko and Caleb . I belive that if it wasn't Liko then it would have been someone else.Alot of people did not agree with the way Mckay handled himself as a law officer."

d said...

I would like to add that I believe that Wentworth or Blanchard stated that McKay had shown him the 03 video of Liko 2 years ago. WHY???? He sure was obsessive about that boy. McKay was relentless.

Anonymous said...

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