09 November 2007

KingCast salutes Athena Uslander and the fallen Pro-Age Dove ads.

I saw this ad for Pro Age Dove the other day and remembered how they banned it because of nudity. Funny you can have all matter of teen and twenty-something skanks running around nekkid but you put a beautiful, 51 year-old woman erotically but not pruriently (well that's arguable) up on stage and out come the censors. Ms. Uslander actually makes sweets for a living. Honest. And don't look for a divorce any time soon; how can you beat THAT.

Having had the fortune of dating women of that age who were relatively stunning, all I can say is Ashton Kutcher knows whazzup, and censorship is Un-American. Plus, hell now at 42 I'll be there in a heartbeat anyway. Cracks me up the other day Rihanna's jam was on the radio and I can't believe she is less than half my age. Did they make 'em like that back in the olden days :)

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Anonymous said...

60 is the new 40, 40 is the new 20 - my grandmother wore housedresses, aprons and black tie shoes with her long hair in a bun. it was alot easier then. men don't seem to feel these pressures.
tell britney to enjoy now, cuz it gets much worse.

Christopher King said...

Hell I'm 42 and beat to hell.

Gotta' reduce the Civil Rights struggles :)

Anonymous said...

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