14 November 2007

KingCast presents on Corporal Bruce McKay's 2003 Liko Kenney Use of Force Report: "Unfortunately, we (still) can't find it...."

Dig the part in this WMUR video where WMUR's attorney (Orr & Reno's William Chapman) at the end proclaims that they are going to continue to seek information. I haven't heard squat about their further endeavors and Chapman has blocked my emails. Whatever dude, the Mayor gives me an award for First Amendment advocacy while you, Mister high-paid First Amendment stuffed-shirt bigshot Attorney Chapman, apparently drop all moxie.

Franconians knew you were a poseur from the get-go.


Charles Duffy said...


This is Love Train By the Ojay's

If only our Government can sing out loud to the people to wake them up on this one song. I would held do die doing it.

This is the song that I would choose.

Let the politicians and bank rollers Get of their ass.

Wake up New England!

Charles Duffy said...

Our government in the music room in High School never said nothing.

In the science and math department's they did.

This is what they don't want you to believe. It's called. Love peace and Music.

The science is second nature.

We need to discover.... The song
and not the science.... The melody is the science.

Charles Duffy said...

I need no ticket.

By the OJays's

Love train the Ojay's.

Over government in Question?

I guess the cops in Franconia Newhampshire never listen to the song?

Our governemt never listen to shit.

Charles Duffy said...

We can find it.? I wonder why?

Less then three months ago the Ojays where pulled from you tube.

Now there is 22 thousand visitors. This is
Three month later.

If our government keeps us down. I've got a new plan for them. Hopefully you realize it.

It's not in history. It's total bullshit!

In the High school the history rule books that I was thought to believe in seem to be forgotten.

Life is ok... but I can only take so much bullshit, that my elected officials warrant. Servants of freedom can dish out flavors of injustice like an Ice cream cone.

I just need more flavors without the taste.

Christopher King said...

Charlie, you're buggin' the Love Train video is here.

But more germane the "Backstabbers" video is here and it is highly recommended viewing. In fact, it's awesome. Songs of my yoot.

You know I knew Gerald Levert (RIP) right?

Yeah those cats are from Shaker/Cleveland Heights as noted in this post.