23 November 2007

KingCast presents: Michael Isreal Not Guilty in Hamilton, Ohio Driving While Black & First Amendment case.

Wow. My Mother found this pic I thought I had lost. Michael Isreal's case, 1998. Adults, L-R: Michael's mother, Michael, Michael's Grandmother, KingCast & Justiceforkids.net videographer James Whitaker, Police Officer and client Gerald Michael (who stood in as expert witness for free); Yours Truly. I'll have to edit the image but that can be done later but click on it for now and see what you see. It's really intense. This was a team that set out for Justice and you know we took no prisoners on our way. Now we will do it in Franconia; at night I shiver thinking about taking Kelly's Deposition but in the end I know I'm ready and she is not. See also Isreal's case finding the cops made him a victim of violent crime, V1996-61481 127 Steps to Justice.

"Mr. King, you got more with honey than Prosecutor Boorst did with his vinegar," said the Jury foreman.

The Federal case settled for $58,500.00 -- hardly a King's ransom but not so bad considering that a certain superlawyer in NH ten years later only got $80K for Michael Paulhus, who was unlawfully SHOT by the Nashua PD, whereas Mr. Isreal had no outward physical injury.

All of this is a matter of public record of course.
28 August 2015 Update: Mr. Isreal must have a court hearing today 28 August 2015 because the Courts and an insurance company are all up in my shit. Look below where they want to know more about me representing Mr. Isreal against some piece of shit cops. Piece of shit? Yup. One of them, William R. Hensley has a documented history according to the Cincinnati Inquirer from 28 Jan 2003, some fifteen (15) years after we sued and settled this little fuck was still terrorizing the neighborhood. I saw this a few weeks ago and wrote Attorney Jeff Mando about it. What a piece of shit this guy is:

"Police uncover officer's darks side."

They didn't uncover anything. We did that. Us two niggers on the Ohio Plantation did that. Rest in Peace Jerry Doyle you are with us always.


Christopher King said...


When I look at this picture I find it to be one of the most beautiful things in the World.

First I identified the adults because I didn't remember the kids names but look at Michael's nephew I think it is in the front row, and the look from his sister. Will call them to verify who is whom.

But then look at Officer Michael's countenance. You can barely see his eyes but they are intense and he was intensely into the injustice that his "fellow officers" meted out to Michael.

Then Michael, his mother and I are all beaming, and yeah I'm beaming the most because I knew the beauty of the Moment, and always dreamed that one day there would be more.

I knew they were coming for my license at the time but I always held out hope that after they suspended it for a year that I would come back strong.

Just so much hate that I never got to meet Liko Kenney because of the same kind of hateful LE folks who tried to put Citizen Isreal under.

I told you Kelly, you can either settle this case in terms of what you know you did wrong or you will have it on your doorstep for the rest of your natural life.

And that's not a threat.

That's a Promise.


Christopher King said...


In Michael's mother's hand she hold the videotape of the entire criminal proceedings.

What a hoot.

One day we have to put that trial online. It got hot and heavy you better believe it and you better believe Yours Truly was in rare form; you've never seen anything like it online yet :)

Smirking, arrogant, and competent, you know how folks say dogs and their owners resemble each other, well I learned it from my dog, he was the coolest.

BTW Michael Vick, I loved you too, but really you're a diznik like so many others who should be charged as well. Best of luck to you in your growth as a sentient being.

lucidiocy said...

I'll make certain Brian's attorney reads all about Israel's case.

Thank you.

Christopher King said...


Feel free to give him my email, although the case is sort of fact specific I'm sure there are commonalities and it's always good to have another pair of eyes.

That's how I plan to use the Internet and you know our government officials like Defendant Ayotte pay lip service to it but they hate it with a passion, most of them.

But they can't stop this with a bullet. I'm taking Kelly's Deposition and I'm going to smoke her royally and she will look like a hypocrite trying to get out from under it.

They got Liko with one, but if I turn up missing or shot it will be just a tad too obvious.


Anonymous said...

CK King, Long time no hear no see from you. I guess because there is a time,purpose,season and reason for everthing done under God's son. It's time for you to call me as soon as you get this message. Peace,

Isreal 614 657-3139

Christopher King said...

I'll be calling you this morning my brother.

As you can see, the establishment is still doing what the establishment does, and I don't see any dogs flying, so everything is as usual.



Christopher King said...

PS: The Court gave Ayotte a pass on her Deposition.

Christopher King said...

Just like it gave her a pass for not providing crucial information about Gregory W. Floyd that she had in her possession and had no legal right to refuse to provide, yah.