04 November 2007

KingCast presents: The Mark Donohue follow up photos and the dilatory RSA 91-A responses from Defendant Kelly Ayotte's office.

Okay. A really Big Fan of KingCast and of car racing mailed me these pics of Mark Donohue in response to my contention in these/posts that he is the coolest race car driver, ever. Hard to quantify or qualify, but whatever. Dig the double exposure on the one on the right with his lady and the infamous Javelin at Watkins Glen.

Now then, these/two documents go to these/two posts on 3-time felon Gregory W. Floyd and the failure of Defendant Ayotte or her delegate to make sure a statutorily-required annual RSA 91-A 2006 Right-to-Know Commission report was issued respectively, and show how the State is trying to shirk its duties of full disclosure, something I bet Mr. Donohue wouldn't dig one bit.

Bonus: Another 2005 Complaint against bully cop Bruce McKay (watch the video) that relates to this post, that the Town of Franconia, Police Chief Mark Montminy and NH AG Kelly Ayotte -- all named Defendants in KingCast.net v. NH AG Kelly Ayotte et al, Grafton County 07-E-268 -- have failed to disclose.

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