28 November 2007

KingCast presents: Kids in the hood.

One from 1967. Two more from the 1980's, one of which I took in 1988. He-heh.... Black on Black on Black crime.... three (3) brown kids mixin' it up... I will never take a better picture in my Life.

Good stuff, good kids. That one kid in colour ended up twice (2ce) asking in May of 2007 to Corporal Bruce McKay "What are you doing," right before McKay never answered and the kid, Liko Kenney died, murdered in my opinion by Gregory W. Floyd.

Interestingly, "Ms. B," -- who faced McKay's "penis-shaped knife" had asked McKay the same question three (3) times earlier before he responded as he guided a knife near her "abdomen" (read: labia) -- read all about it right here. In the end, she filed a 13-page complaint that never was answered by the Franconia Defendants. "Ms. B" and I have discussed all of that.

That other kid in BW in 1967 was steady asking his mother, "What the heck is going on with the U.S. Justice system?"

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Anonymous said...

From what I have heard over the years, Ms. B's seatbelt was cut in HER car as she hung upside down in it after the accident that had Cpl. McKay wanting to give her a sobriety test.