01 November 2007

KingCast presents Gregory W. Floyd: A true American hero, arrested for assaults with dangerous weapons, convicted of disturbing the peace & 3 felonies

The first time I read TFC Bruno's 23 July '97 report I failed to notice the plural on "assaults."

Sure the charges were dismissed, but given his very criminal background and his open violations of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) it sure might be relevant in the Franconia shooting tragedy to understand the underlying nature of the assaults arrest and the disturbing the peace conviction.

But alas, Defendant Ayotte doesn't think so. She thinks this should all go away, but Attorney X and I may have a Big Surprise for her. But first she has to finish answering these RSA 91-A Right-to-Know requests about Gregory W. Floyd.

She now has 24 hours to do so.


Anonymous said...

as a follow-up to your captioned page, i note p.196, case #97-1006C, dated 7/1/98.
Gregory Floyd answered to Criminal Threatening on 6/22/98 in Grafton Superior, and was found Guilty.
His sentence was "1-3 yrs NH State Prison suspended upon good behavior for 10 yr(?). Probation for 3 yrs. Can't possess firearms during period of suspension."

Anonymous said...

TFC Robert Bruno's report of the July 24, 1997 New Hampshire State Police executed Arrest Warrant and Search Warrant of the residence of Gregory Floyd (pp. 250-254) emphasizes that by being a convicted felon in the State of Georgia, Floyd wasn't allowed to possess firearms. Further, Bruno "...attempted to explain to Michelle (Floyd) that her husband was not allowed to possess guns in New Hampshire or Massachusetts as a convicted Felon."
Firearms were seized from the Floyd residence ...a shotgun located on top of kitchen cupboard. A revolver was located in this same cupboard. "The revolver was in fact loaded" A San Marco Black Power was located on the bed in the master bedroom. A Glock 9mm was located on the top of a bureau in the master bedroom, and according to TFC Beausoleil, had a full magazine in it but no round in the chamber.
The Rugar Mini 14 was on the box spring mattress in the master bedroom, and a rifle was located in the closet of the master bedroom.

Anonymous said...

Working backward from 6/3/97, TR. Scot Bryan details (pp. 225-228) some pretty interesting reading.
Here, we see Floyd's true character revealed. Referencing the Criminal Threatening complaint of Shay Littlefield, the unfortunate meter reader, we find Floyd's multiple, infamous quotes:

"What the fuck are you doing here?"

Floyd told Littlefield his dog was "trained to attack the throat and groin.

Floyd then came face to face with Littlefield with his fist closed, asking Littlefield "Do I need to kick your ass?"

When informed by police that they had a warrant for his arrest for Criminal Threatening, and the complainant was his meter reader, Floyd responded: That fucking pussy, we just talked to his boss, and they indicated things would be taken care of, and they would honk next time."

Floyd: "If your(sic)going to take me you better get my Valium, barbiturates, and a number of other pain killers, because I am going to get fucked up."

Other comments concerning TFC Beausoleil, TR. Scot Bryan, Littlefield and the State:

-Fucking "live free or fucking die" this state has no constititional rights
-He, Littlefield, is a fucking pussy, why can't men be men
-I want to take that pussy out into the woods and settle it in the "mud and blood"
-If that pussy comes back, or if I see him again I'll kill him
-I should have gone ahead and hit the asshole, if I'm going to be arrested it should at least be for doing something
-that if he had wanted to, he could have gien us, TFC Beausoleil and TR Scot Bryan, a third eye. He said "I know you wear vest so I would have put it right between the eyes. I was sitting right on my Ruger.

To his son Floyd says: "Look at the fucking pigs aren't they big men, look at(sic) see what they are like, don't forget it."


Christopher King said...


Thanks for summarizing these things again. I have them in the lawsuit as well, but there is so much to "keep on top" as I get ready to Notice these Depositions.

How this creep became the Teflon Don of the North Country is beyond me, and I will tell you it is also beyond Attorney X; he can't believe it either.

I look forward to seeing Defendant Ayotte's position on the pending Right-to-Know requests, the response being due today.


Christopher King said...

Specifically the guns on the cupboard bit is key.

DTRT was continually talking crap the other day on Topix, saying I had no proof that Floyd had access to guns as a felon.

Not only did the Department of Safety files conclusively say he had firearms registered to him in Mass, he had them in his house, unsecured.

Simply unbelievable and a definite cause for Homeland Security to investigate and I am going to take them there, as the Pointer Sisters would say.

Anonymous said...

Liko Kenney's indiscretions pale in comparison to Floyd's lawlessness and disregard for authority and societal norms.

Since this has been my first opportunity to delve into the more voluminous report, I am experiencing, like others before me, a mass of disordered, repetitious, non-sequenced pile of papers.

To be fair, and probably generous, Sgt. Richard Ball, Bethlehem's report/narrative(?) of 1/28/03 most closely represents and meshes with the accompanying cruiser cam footage of the 1/26/03 Fox Hill incident.

When the bigger picture is even more fully absorbed by reading and sorting the available documents, I cannot intellectually or emotionally fathom how the State of New Hampshire could give a free pass to Gregory Floyd to kill...to murder, in fact, Liko Kenney.

Lifer said...

What do Kelly Ayotte and Bonnie Tyler have in common?

They both were "Holding Out for a Hero".

Kelly had to fabricate hers (with help from the press).


Speaking of the press, the UL ran a series on Maura Murray. Just as was done with Liko, they have tried to paint Maura in the worst possible light, for damage control. Many at www.mauramurraymissing.com are upset over this. Maybe they'll join ranks here and help with the January court date and depositions?

Christopher King said...

Speaking of the press, the UL ran a series on Maura Murray. Just as was done with Liko, they have tried to paint Maura in the worst possible light, for damage control. Many at www.mauramurraymissing.com are upset over this. Maybe they'll join ranks here and help with the January court date and depositions?

....Exactly. There are many connections between these two cases and the rampant lawlessness demonstrated by persons and entities sworn to uphold the law. Then certain corporate media furthers the agenda.

...The fish rots at the head, and NH AG Kelly Ayotte is the Big Kahuna.


Anonymous said...

maura murray's as yet untold story is unspeakably tragic. her father's quest will continue to consume many years of his life, and touch all who cared for her unless the truth is revealed.
partial truths, in the cases of both maura and liko are insufficient and disrespectful to the living and the dead. young lives cannot be wasted at the expense of cover-up.

Anonymous said...


Gives a knew meaning to "....home on the range".

Christopher King said...

I hear Floyd is trying to move.

Don't know if that's true or not.

Perhaps if he is he might be relocating down here in Nashua next to Defendant Ayotte, and just down the road from me.

I'll be sure to watch my step.

Anonymous said...

Floyd should have been arrested every hour of every day since 5/11. Including now. He should be considered a fugitive who is armed and lethal.

Anonymous said...

No choice in the matter...he's got to find a new backyard to shoot in.....
I heard he's been looking in Nashua also.

Howie Mandel said...
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Anonymous said...

Yep, time to pack the pouch....

Ayotte should send out a mass mailing to all meter readers......

Christopher King said...

Oh yeah Kelly will be sure to make him safe here.

But my buddy who runs the Veteran's Parade scheduled for 11/11 wants no part of Mr. Floyd.


Christopher King said...

My spidey senses tell me I can trust you.

What's your phone number?


JHP wrote:
hey, attorney king.

a couple of friends of mine have met you and told me nothing but nice things, so i view you as a friend of mine, as well. my name is [blankety-blank] and i will forever consider littleton, new hampshire to be my hometown, although right now i'm attending the [blankety-blank college] as a contemporary writing major.

i'm doing an oral history on the life of liko kenney for my nonfiction final, and i'm looking to get a legal perspective on both the fox hill incident and on may eleventh. if you wouldn't mind taking the time to do a phone interview, i'd really appreciate it; alternatively, i can email you some questions and get a print response. it's really up to you. i know some people refuse to do phone interviews for fear of misquotation, and i always respect that.

anyway, as i said, i really admire what you're doing for the town--i know it's not the upper valley way to accept help from an outsider, but it's ultimately for the best, isn't it?

- [name withheld at this juncture]

Anonymous said...

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