23 November 2007

KingCast on Franconia: "I didn't go to law school to make a ton of money.... I went to law school for Justice, and to make First Amendment History."

Sure I have made good money from time to time working in Corporate America but that never was, nor will it be the essence of what I'm about. I'm all about Civil Rights and pioneering new ways for the ordinary guys and gals of all races, ethnicities, ages and National Origins to have their voices be heard.

So it came to pass that a supporter from afar read that comment somewhere and put it with the wise owl photograph that her husband Carole D'Angelo of Manchester, MA at catchlights.com took and sent it to me with a lil' calligraphy. She was upset that the paper took on too much ink but to me it's All Good, and all beautiful.

So too is the First Amendment/Right-to-Know Commendation that Nashua Mayor Bernie Streeter presented to KingCast last week.

All of this goes to the last post Noticing Defendant Ayotte for her Deposition, and in no uncertain terms telling her that I will bear no compunction to videotape it and air it on YouTube. If she's confident in her investigation and confident in her knowledge of the law and of her actions, she should voice no objection. [UPDATE] She weaseled out of it but she was found liable nonetheless.

For my part, I'm ready to rock'n'roll.

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Christopher King said...

As usual, the courts are watching.

Lucidiocy said...

For Courage and Honor,
Justice is their Crown.


I'm ruminating on those 5 questions.

Christopher King said...


We need bright minds like yours on this case.

I'm emailing you the Depo questions for Kelly now.


Anonymous said...

...you are SO ready!
and, if i may suggest, always and unavoidably in the presence of The Tao.

peace, always ~

Christopher King said...

Franconia Dan Mullen is not ready.

If he is ready, he sure hasn't shared the state of readiness with me because he is again tardy on RSA 91-A requests I personally hand delivered to his office on 15 Nov.