15 November 2007

KingCast oldie of the day for Franconia: ELO's "Don't bring me down.... Bruce......"

Here is the YouTube video; the lyric originally was not Bruce but the band changed it because everybody thought that's what they were singing. Anyway, I'm sitting around last night with music afficionado Jill Locke, from Pulse Magazine (Clutch Interview is here) who unfortunately could not attend Tuesday's Mayoral Award ceremony. Fortunately she is thinking a lot about this case, and somehow we came up with the concept for this post to remind everyone about more Truth that Defendants Franconia and NH AG Kelly Ayotte are hiding.

Read this post "Motion Practice 601 #3" with McKay in profile with Dr. Mengele and containing the links to the YouTube videos that the Union Leader toady Tclan51 failed to show you from when McKay called in two other police to bring Liko down for no legally justifiable reason in 2003.

Of course there is not Use of Force or Police Report from that episode of abuse, as noted herein.

In other news "Nobody's Hero, the Liko Kenney Story" from the College writer brought me down to tears last night so I will look like hell at work all morning but the read was worth it. I have a couple of edits for him and have no authority to print other people's comments yet but I will print one of mine:
Christopher King
The use of mace was absolutely not justified. In a small town like that, everyone knew where Liko lived, and McKay felt like he had to teach the boy a lesson. The policy says you shouldn’t use OC spray when other people are around, you shouldn’t use it when the suspect is going to feel trapped—and what else was Liko supposed to feel? Bruce had issued no command. Liko thought he was going to die, and I’m not so sure he wasn’t going to die. McKay ruled that town, and he could’ve found any way to get away with it.

In sum, Bruce brought everybody down, sad to say.


Anonymous said...

he did...Brucie brought it all down. what i hear and know of New Hampshire and the Franconia area is disturbing, given what's happened to Liko and Maura. their circumstances are different, but the underlying theme of bad policing and corruption diminishes trust in NH local and state government. it's not a desirable destination or an attractive place to live and work for these reasons.

Christopher King said...

And sure enough, as noted in this post, the same gaggle of attorneys lost an RSA 91-A Right-to-Know lawsuit in the same courthouse almost exactly one year ago.

Wait until you see the letter I send to Attorney Mullen later today or tomorrow:

I want a copy of his contract with the city.

And you better believe I'm entitled to it. See, the town recently said that they were using a Primex lawyer, but Primex said they were not covering this case.

And I'm going to make him provide the documents he promised to provide back in August, but not the way he tried to do it by making me pay for everything up front.

The use of force policies and the complaints against McKay, to the extent that he is willing to produce them, that sort of stuff.

What happens is I get to sit in the fine leather chairs at his law firm and sift through the documents and pick and choose what I want, just as I did with Kelly and at the Department of Justice with Marta Modigliani.

So we will have to find out what's up, won't we.

Anonymous said...

yes, you're holding their feet to the fire. thank you for all you continue to do...indeed, you are writing history.