10 November 2007

KingCast observes a double-standard for public drinking by Revere police officers in Daniel Talbot homicide investigation.

First off, I'm all about finding out who shot and killed Officer Talbot and why and bringing the person to Justice. Robert Iacoviello, 20, pictured, has been charged.

Second, the failure to charge any of the officers for public drinking smacks of preferential treatment. I was just talking with a client from the firm and we agreed that if he or I had a cooler of beers out behind the schoolyard at 1:30 a.m. in today's Police State we would probably see a set of handcuffs, might get tap to the chrome-dome from a Maglite and most certainly enjoy a lil' chair time in the back of a Crown Vic. But here's what the police said about the police in the full version of the story; the Internet version is truncated, which makes absolutely no sense. If anything it should be the other way aroud, duh.
"We have developed no credible evidene that Officer Talbot or any other member of his group was engaged in any illicit activity at all beyond the minor infraction of drinking in public," (DA) Conley said, and added "And we'll deal with the administrative stuff later on."

KingCast says huh, what? Administrative stuff? What about the criminal charges for public drinking that us schmoes would face?

Total bull feces.

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