12 November 2007

KingCast notes that Defendant Ayotte's office redacted this document to hide Floyd's aggression.

Note that he's still pointing the gun at Caleb well after it was clear that Caleb was not dangerous. The AG's office tried to redact it but failed. Here's the post.

And oh, I've seen more documents out there at Attorney Modigliani's office at the Department of Safety that I'm going after that will show more about Floyd's fascination with his purported shooting prowess and they had better be waiting for me when I call her to tell her I'm returning. "Vietnam." "43 Kills." "Oh Yah, the widow was open." Just a delusional, homicidal maniac this guy is. Read this post.


Lifer said...

This is puzzling to me.

One, why such a shoddy attempt to redact? Was that really the intent?

Two, under the presumption that those passages were supposed to be illegible, why redact?

I'd like to know more about this as on face value it lends credence to the theory the State wanted to fabricate a version of the truth.

Christopher King said...

Many people when redacting don't realize you have to run a copy of the copy before it's All Good.

Anyway the state claimed that they redacted the information because it deals with ER calls. I will have to locate the exact section of the RSA's they cited in the correspondence file at home.

But it's all BS because they didn't redact all of the material that falls under that exemption. It's all a lie.

Here's another post on that.

PS: On redaction, I learned that and taught it to all of my trainees at American Tower Corp; that's why I was the second-ever employee of the week and Attorney Crnilovic-Phillips and I got $6K raises that no one else got that year.

Christopher King said...

Also from that post I linked:

Also, at p. 27 (fn 5) what on Earth is one of Floyd's bullets doing up in the McKenzie's house if he only shot twice and in the direction of Liko's car, which was right in front of him?

BR said...

I'm pretty floored that the AG would redact that. It speaks volumes about the AG's office.

Christopher King said...


Great to hear from you.

Yeah, there's no plausible explanation for that, and I think I mention it in the lawsuit. Frnkly in my quest to obtain all of the Floyd information from the DOS I forgot about it for a while.

There's so much material here, it's incredible.

Incredibly sad :(

d said...

Anyone that has the inclination to look past the State's bizarre version of "truth" can quickly see that the events on 5/11 are disastrous for the town of Franconia and the State.

The people living in the area know the truth and are all living in a state of PTS....the citizens as well as all public officials and law enforcement.

As time has passed numerous people have come forth to say they feared McKay and have told us of their own encounters with him. To know that a police officer's behavior can be covered up in regards to something so tragic as this and then to have Floyd praised for his actions is beyond reproach.

The stance taken by the Town and State have done nothing but to create a greater chasm of fear and distrust amongst citizens and law enforcement. The unspoken message they have given is, "This is the wild, wild west and any thing goes here". An eye for an eye according each person's perception and actual law and civil rights have nothing to do with it. The only problem is, we don't have a Matt Dillon in charge of Franconia or the State.