27 November 2007

"The Meeting," 2007: KingCast, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and NH Underground meet at The Mecca for First Amendment and RSA 91-A rally.

The Mekka was a dance club in Columbus where we hung out 10 years ago. I had an amazing date there for Todd Rundgren on his bossonova "With a Twist" Tour; it was awesome. Todd, the white Marvin Gaye.

The Mecca is a pleasure in which Malcolm X indulged, and changed his World. Some disagreed with him and it may have led to his death, but you'll have that. Sometimes, "That's the Way of the World."

But despite that, it's all about people coming together, despite their differences on some issues, when we all realize that without a strong First Amendment, we have nothing. Which of course we note in our very first online production, "American Lawyer One," with noted Civil Rights Attorney Terry Gilbert appearing and offering commentary in our productions.

Here's what some Free-Staters and other folks said recently over at the NH Underground Board:
If not for people such as Chris, this and other events like them would be quietly buried in the past as 'that one story about the guy who just went crazy and snapped, for no reason', just like the long list of such stories we already have. It's quite ironic that those outside the 'justice system' oft seem to be more interested in justice than those inside.

Chris, thanks for the updates. It's an important case, and it's important to have people like you who dive deeply into such cases, for the sake of edifying those of us who don't have the knowledge and/or access that you have developed.

Most important posts:
Defendant Ayotte lying to the public;
Defendant lying to Attorney Harold Burbank, II.


Lucidiocy said...


They are right.

You are the kind of man to be emulated and admired, because you see an injustice and you stand up and fight it.

I only wish there were more of you around.

Christopher King said...

The government agrees.

That's why it's taking them so long to get back with me -- they're just thinking of the most appropriate way in which to show their appreciation.