03 November 2007

KingCast laments the passing of Mike Royko in Franconia shooting tragedy coverage, or lack thereof.

Where the hell is Mike Royko when you need him? It's so crazy to have a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer cover your cases one year, then all of a sudden you get nothing but silence from the major press when you bust open a bogus criminal "investigation" of a double homicide involving a bully police officer with more complaints against him than the town admits.


Christopher King said...

Funny thing about the laws in Ohio:

I testified at hearings in the late 90's as they were trying to craft an appropriate resolution to the Tattooing of knowingly HIV-infected people.

The State adopted our viewpoint which was that a physician's consent must be forthcoming, in these two codes/laws:

3701-9-04(B)(3) and R.C. 3730.02

Now those links are dead and the laws have been changed again and there is no direct reference to the physician consent provision.

Life it is a trip.

Anonymous said...

Royko - an obviously exceptinal man.

Why, yes...there's sense, common sense, and NONsense.

Update, 2007:


Christopher King said...

OMG, so wild. What people didn't know about Adam was that he initially -- and then with Attorney Sam Pope and me -- lobbied the Board of Health for regulations because you had people giving Tattoos in bars and in areas with live animals, all kinds of crazy stuff that could lead to the Staph infections your Rutland Herald piece mentions.

Part of the regulations we proposed was not knowingly tattooing HIV positive people, at least get a physician's approval.

They told us to go pound salt, and I discovered (from Joe Weaver, a pretty cool guy who was in upper management, actually) that years earlier there had been a Commission that drafted regs that said the same damn thing but they didn't pass them "because they did not want to legitimate tattooing."

The Supreme Court ignored the really important stuff when denying our Mandamus Petition, Google Crabtree, King, Tattoo, Board of Health, it should pop up.

Anyway all of the Columbus nonsense is going to be put in perspective in about ten (10) days.

More on this in about ten (10) days :)

Anonymous said...

Did ya see the other article about cops tazering protesters?rutlandherald.com