18 November 2007

KingCast busts on NH AG Homicide Chief Strelzin for wasted promises. Again.

Here's what he said in a factually inaccurate account of the events of 5/11.
"We've reached our conclusion in the case as far as any potential criminal charges and have issued our final report," Strelzin said. "If, like in any other case, people were to come forward with more information, our people would gather it."

KingCast says, yeah, gather it and hide it, that is. Read this post that resulted pursuant to an email exchange between Counselor Strelzin and Yours Truly. What is fascinating about the production of the documents that debase Kelly's hero Gregory Floyd is the evidentiary trail that was required to get them. I noticed that tonight assembling the Attachments for the lawsuit when I reviewed the correspondence file. Strelzin was trying to hide it so hard his eyes were squinting (just as in his picture where he's probably telling another lie), but I got 'em opened up pretty good right about now. Read your 26 October response to me Jeff.


Want more? Read about the ethics complaint I filed after Strelzin falsely told me there were no more audio interviews of material witnesses who heard Floyd say he was a three-tours-of-duty Vietnam veteran, bolstering his credibility at the scene so that Defendant Ayotte cleared him in one day. One. Day.

Think I'm trash-talking? Nah, Strelzin and State Rep. McLeod -- who is of course married to a Defendant in this case, Franconia Selectman Rich McLeod -- started all of that months ago. Read the emails here and here, where he trashes the Public Defender's office, too.

1 comment:

Christopher King said...

""If, like in any other case, people were to come forward with more information, our people would gather it."

What people? Martha McLeod? Joe McQuaid? Gregory W. Floyd? Strelzin himself?

You gotta' be kidding me, right?

What a dog'n'pony show this is. Again, someone said I was a "carnival barker creating a circus," but the Truth is that Kelly and Jeffery and their LE buddies created the circus but I will bear no compunction to bark about it, in legally cognizable manner.

That's what KingCast is all about.

I guess Strelzin didn't get the memo.