13 November 2007

KingCast broadcasts live from Nashua City Hall for the power of the Blog/Blawg, the Internet and the First Amendment.

Tune in at Government Access Channel 16 for tonight's meeting and find out more about the First Amendment Trifecta and other matters. No, I won't be wearing the inlines and sweats; I think Versace is more appropriate.

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Lifer said...

Let me be the first to give you a public congratulation. What you are about to receive was truely earned and well-deserved.

Christopher King said...

Well thank you Sir, and thank the Veterans for making this possible and thank everyone else who has helped in any measure -- including the dissenters, who only make us stronger.

A long time ago I had to sue Columbus City Council to make them pay the costs of wrongfully towing Michael Isreal's motor home. They kept stonewalling us and eventually George Callaway -- who used to be a friend of mine but was now a city attorney -- called him "Abednego" and me "Shadrach."


And they paid him, eventually after I repeatedly appeared before City Council and blasted them. People were walking up to me on the street -- random people from all walks of life -- and saying "Way to go!!!"

Then Columbus curtailed their public access TV dramatically over the next few years, eliminating the School Board public TV entirely.

Watch this movie "Advocacy in Action: Then and Now" and you'll see why =^.)


lynne said...

exceptional efforts by an exceptional human being...i extend hearty congratulations!

Christopher King said...

Dear Lynn:

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

great work; u hangin' in there like a tiger. and from the gitgo...many thanks champ; keep it up and God bless ya...

Christopher King said...

Thanks Argus.

See you soon.

Anonymous said...

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