08 November 2007

KingCast asks why was Bruce McKay's GPS communicator off during the 5/11 tragedy?

An astute member of the Topix Community mentioned that today:

"If everyone looks at police car video you can see that the officer has his GPS communicator off which also doesn't let base communicate with him. Why would he do that and why not call for back up after the first time Kenney didn't respond he was already aware of Kenneys attitude with officers. Only until after he is shot he tries to turn on system and then you hear sound. Makes you wonder what was his intentions." More in the comments.


Christopher King said...

Also the why he walks up to Kenney and sprays him and then immediately walks away, why not focus on suspect and remove him from the car. I'm not going to say Kenney did a good thing but 9 times out 10 police officers abuse of authority can cause some one to fear for their life. Things such as this will keep happening untill those people (police officers) are punished the same as any other citizen.

Is it o.k. for a cop to judge and degrade you during a stop and if you so much as try to laugh the situation off you'll be beat bloody then charged with assault on officer.


Thanks for that, it is important because there is a lag time where they call to 44 but no response.

On information and belief this is before McKay is shot.

Charles Duffy said...

It's exactly about having a badge.

As I have said before:

Real crime is not happening in the township of Franconia or at the first National Bank of Franconia.

There is not enough money to steal or trouble ti investigate.

Oh, an old cow crossed the road not only to get back, but only to get to the other side.

Not enough to do in these parts.

Has anyone ever asked why a police officer in franconia would take such a job to be a prick when they would make 42.00 an hour in a city like MA.

96,000 a year and in franconia they make 35,996?

Who the hell wants to prove that they are a super cop for General Managers wages at Wall Mart?

Just another asshole you and I would never want to work for.

Charles Duffy said...

Off topic:

Let's just say if liko kenney lived.

I will challenge any politician who believes in the corruption laws of the death penalty.

At one time I did believe in the death penalty.

I took the time to validate the actions of law. I came to conclusion it was unjust. Even how heinous the crime may be.

I'm not a religious person so this was not what changed my thinking.

I did my homework and found out that the system has a major flaw of
upwards of 20%.

We got the nigger kid he's guilty without money and a lawyer.

Today, poor white kids in francona are no different.

Christopher King said...

We got the nigger kid he's guilty without money and a lawyer.

Today, poor white kids in francona are no different.

That's right. And people want to say Liko was some spoiled rich kid but those who know, know the Truth.

Kenneys had lotsa LAND that they weren't selling out to the highest, or any, bidder.

Land rich money po'

Bode got his money, by way of a timeline, quite recently.


Charles Duffy said...

Yes, I understand. Some day the political nature of our country will understand without a corrupt vote.

Charles Duffy said...

Sunni & Shite?

Oh, I don't know the difference unless I was a contractor in the mid east.

It seems that our government is a contractor in Franconia.

Most people don't even know who build the hong kong airport.

Don't get caught breakin the laws over there.

The US Consulate is just as corrupt.

Toy need to pay them off also.