21 November 2007

KingCast and Sherman Hemsley remind everyone of a Jive Turkey story issued by Defendant Ayotte in the Franconia shooting tragedy.

From the Concord Monitor.

"Attorney General Kelly Ayotte said in a press conference Saturday that Kenney shot McKay along Route 116 and then ran him over. She said Floyd drove up to the scene and tried to position his vehicle to block Kenney from McKay's body. Then, he got out of the car, picked up McKay's weapon, pointed it at Kenney and told him to drop his weapon. When Kenney didn't do so, Floyd shot him."

Sorry Kelly, it simply did not go down that way and you know it and your own files prove your statement was flat out wrong. Your statement that Floyd was unarmed when Liko ran over McKay was wrong and I prove it right here and right here.

And as far as speaking to Liko first, well your official report ignored the FACT that Floyd said he didn't speak first, read his own statement right here, which is buttressed by Caleb Macaulay's statement right here:

"Man said nothing before he fired."

Yet you chose to lie in your own comments in your official report and to the World Public. I already called you and Russ Conte on this back on 14 July in the Checkmate post because you lied to someone else and said:

"As McKay stumbled across the road, bleeding, Kenney ran his vehicle over the dying officer."

At oral argument your attorneys will not be able to dimiss that lie. Moreover, the information you hid about Gregory W. Floyd is going to win you no favors as noted in this post. There's a reason Nashua Mayor Bernie Streeter gave me a First Amendment/Right-to-Know Commendation: I meet people who help shine the light on public officials to promote open and transparent governance, which is purportedly the bedrock of our Constitution and of this Country on this Thanksgiving Day.

Hey-hey we're movin' on up..... not to a dee-lux apartment in the sky, but rather to a deee-lux courthouse in the North Country.


Devon said...

Mr. King keep up the good work.

jack said...

Hey Chris.
I've been following this blog since I read the article about 5/11 in Men's Journal & I've spent a LOT of time on here catching up - reading all the entries that happened before the Men's Journal article came out. I didn't want to comment until I was read-up.
Now, I just want to say that I think you are amazing & I wish you the absolute BEST. Something about 5/11 stinks to HIGH hell & I'm glad you're pushing the issue. Somebody has got to. When I first started 'catching up' with your blog, I actually had nightmares. Liko has been on my mind often.
I admire your energy & I hope that the truth will be revealed. The whole situation is just terrible. My heart goes out to the loved ones left behind.

Christopher King said...

Thanks, guys.

Jack I had nightmares too. And crying fits. The whole thing is just so ridiculous and what's really upsetting as you may have noted MJ contacted me and still ran a half-assed story.

I work for a law firm and sell motorcycles/quads, right. The shop manager is a DJ who did a lot of work in Manchester where Briggs worked and died and he says to me yesterday:

"You're involved in the Franconia thing? Wow..... I remember when (Michael) Briggs got shot and it was really sad and still sad...... but when McKay got shot it was like sad for a minute and then zip" he says, with a zipping motion to the lips.

Yeah, now you know why, as I explained to him some of the details that have been kept from public scrutiny.

He shook his head in agreement and said "let's talk about this when you get back from Connecticut."


You run Briggs' name on my blawg and all you get is praise for the man because I remember him actually going into a burning building and have never heard one person say a bad thing about him.

Seriously, not one person.

Happy Holidays to all, and remember the Native Americans can tell you all about what happens with faulty immigration/border control, and homeland security issues.

The place goes to hell in a hurry.

Christopher King said...

Yeah, really this post has all of the essentials for anyone to understand this case, either directly in it or in the links.

I'm ready.

Ready for oral argument and ready to take Defendant Ayotte's Deposition; it will take me just the trip to CT to write my questions and another day or two to run the Depo. Exhibits because the Depo won't really be that long. Can't afford to have it run long and what I need from her will take an hour including the preliminary mumbo-jumbo.

Of course it may take a few extra minutes to set up that video camera.

Can't wait to see her lawyers scramble to kick my Notice of Deposition, that goes out in the next week or so. They will undoubtedly say

"You should wait for the Status Conference," and I will say, "Let the Court tell us that and we will then reschedule it in accordance with the Court schedule."

Watch it all right here.

I've used that Stefan Edberg analogy with that high kicking serve he had that would still give a lot of players fits today:

You pretty much know it's coming but you still have to beat it. Most folks couldn't.

Edberg's high kicker.