20 November 2007

Hey KingCast, I'm confused: Are you saying Gregory W. Floyd admitted to being in violation of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) at least 3 times?

Well, in a word, yes. But I talk too much. Better save that speech for the oral argument. Instead I'll let the documents explain this post. Floyd a felon one and Floyd admits to being in violation of 18 U.S.C. 922(G)(1) two.

Related post: Was he choppin' down trees and annoying neighbors in Massachusetts as well? We know he was arrested there for assaults with dangerous weapon and convicted of disturbing the peace. Read it right here.

Related post: Defendant Ayotte welcomes the Teflon Don with open arms (pun fully intended) because as Al Pacino said:
"You ain't a lawyer no more Kelly. You a gangster. You on the Other Side now. It's a whole new ball game. And you can't learn it at school and you can't have a late start....."

Tonight I will finish the Attachments for service by the end of the week. I'll be up all night KingCast-stamping each and every document for the Court's (and Defendants') edification.

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Christopher King said...

Honestly, I have been blessed in life to witness some phenomenal things firsthand. I don't care about plasma TV's and blingy jewelery and all of that crap; all I care about is Justice, some good food, nice people and nice old cars and bikes.

But what I see in turn makes me sometimes wish I were more shallow, like those who willfully ignore salinent facts about this case. Those facts include someone like Floyd getting away with what he did, not only throughout his tenure in Mass, but through his tenure in NH where he admittedly violated a MAJOR Federal Law and then shot and killed Liko Kenney under circumstances in which he lied about crucial facts and then walks away like an exalted Prince, a real Hero.

Then I endure all matter of public criticism for noting it.

I have a few ideas about what my next phase of life will include (i.e. paying my Court costs and becoming a licensed attorney again as I was from 1993-2002) but right now it is time to continue to delve into the heart of this case until I am comfortable that I -- and others who comprise the Franconia Collective -- have done all we can to promote the Cause of Open Government.

Obviously Nashua Mayor Streeter concurs.

Anonymous said...

Open government, you have everything and more dealing with the May 11th incident, you just don't like the results the investigation revealed. The combined effort in the investigation, they have real investigative skills, unlike you who's only idea of police work comes from the television. Good luck paying your fines, what is amount up to now fines and interest? Just like Floyd cannot change his stripes, you will quickly be on suspension again or disbarment. A judge does not quickly come to the determination that you cannot defend your clients without due cause. So good luck with that, I don't really mean it but trying to be nice with the holidays so close, don't wnat coal in my stocking.

Christopher King said...

I'm not on trial here, but since you want to try me:

"Open government, you have everything and more dealing with the May 11th inciden......they have real investigative skills, unlike you who's only idea of police work comes from the television..."

Interesting, you say that the government is open, yet people on the Franconia Recovery and Reconciliation Committee openly disagree with you as one wrote to the Union Leader State Editor:


I just got a copy of an e-mail from Chris King that he sent to you. I am pretty sure he picked up my messages to the AG’s office that were less than complimentary re their investigation. However I have been following his blog since May and it seems he is the only one in the print and electronic media , with any brass to go after the real story."

Open Government?

Kelly hid documents she has no business hiding.

PS: Go find a client who complained about me. My clients didn't complain about me. The Government did; you can watch what my clients had to say at KingCast short films like "Oreo," "American Lawyer One" and "Live Revolution."

PPS: I don't need you to be nice to me at all. Feel free to stay evil, stupid, hateful and misinformed. You'll get coal in your stocking to match the coal in yer noggin :)

Christopher King said...

Here's another thigh-slapper from you:

"they have real investigative skills, unlike you who's only idea of police work comes from the television."

.....well actually you forgot about that experience that wasn't televised but which I have on video from me prevailing at trial and on appeal against my former boss, Ohio lead AG Bloody Betty Montgomery, in getting a finding that police made my client a victim of violent crime:

Case no. V1996-61481.

Still tryin' to get it twisted, all you twisted was one of those phat primos your brother Floyd used to sell and probably blazed up himself, the little PCP convict that he is. That's the only combat he ever saw was in his roached-out little mind, so when the chance came to really shoot someone he was all over it, started firing from across the street before Liko's car even struck McKay.

Unless of course your hero produces stupid offspring who can't see straight.

Christopher King said...

This is funny too from you:

"who's only idea...."

Learn what a damn possessive pronoun is willya?

What a dummy. I'm here crafting Attachments and listening to Sarah Vaughan; I gots no time for dummies.