02 November 2007

College students to review Franconia shooting tragedy with KingCast.net.

In the email tip jar today:
My spidey senses tell me I can trust you.

What's your phone number?


JHP wrote:
Hey, Attorney King:

A couple of friends of mine have met you and told me nothing but nice things, so I view you as a friend of mine, as well. My name is [blank] and I will forever consider Littleton, New Hampshire to be my hometown, although right now I'm attending the [blankety-blank college] as a contemporary writing major.

I'm doing an oral history on the life of Liko Kenney for my nonfiction final, and I'm looking to get a legal perspective on both the Fox Hill incident and on may eleventh. If you wouldn't mind taking the time to do a phone interview, I'd really appreciate it; alternatively, I can email you some questions and get a print response. It's really up to you. I know some people refuse to do phone interviews for fear of misquotation, and I always respect that.

Anyway, as I said, I really admire what you're doing for the town -- I know it's not the upper valley way to accept help from an outsider, but it's ultimately for the best, isn't it?

- [name withheld at this juncture]


Perhaps I'll tell him to call Kelly if he needs any more details. I will explain to him that the better the question, the more evasive the response, one and two. And of course I might advise him when he interviews anybody from the State that whatever they tell him will not be suitable for a nonfiction writing course.

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Christopher King said...

And that student is in design school where most of his friends are film students. As it turns out I am one of the last interviews and his project will be finished in a matter of weeks.

From that point onward we agree that this case will never die the short-lived existence that Kelly would wish because Liko Kenney was not a murderer:

He is in many ways the new face of Freedom from government lies and deception.

So we'll be working together going into the future.