04 November 2007

"Brandeis became an outcast in Boston.... and considered dangerous. Using the law to effect change in society, rather than to maintain order."

I've mentioned Attorney Brandeis in the comments sections but now is the time to mention him directly. Hoped you caught the NECN piece on Louis Brandeis, because KingCast v. NH AG Kelly Ayotte et al. 07-E-268 is a Brandeis-style Motion in modern times -- but with a whole lot of law, to boot. He was an idol of KingCast before KingCast even existed. Read this post.

"Fighting for the working class.... curtailing the excesses of big business.... nobody can buy him.... that's what makes him so damn dangerous." Funny while I'll never be a Supreme Court Justice many folks have called me a "Dangerous Black Man," as noted in a forthcoming biography. Attorney Brandeis caught a Taft in a lie and I'll be damned if another Taft didn't commit ethical violations in Ohio 70 years later.

Appropriately enough, my film maker was living in Waltham, just down the street from Brandeis University, when I met him.

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Christopher King said...

Had to go with the Warhol portrait, as I spent every Friday evening at the Warhol Museum happy hours in 2001 and in 2002 when I lived in Pittsburgh :)