13 November 2007

Blogger KingCast.net receives First Amendment Mayoral Commendation in Nashua, New Hampshire.

KingCast, Mayor Streeter and Alderman Teeboom celebrate the occasion first noted herein.
"I've always felt welcome here in Nashua at various board meetings and even our disputes at the School Board have been handled professionally... but that hasn't been true elsewhere in the State...... "Whether you believe Liko Kenney committed murder, manslaughter or justifiable homicide," I said..... We have a system of jurisprudence in America and he was entitled to a jury trial and not to be executed by a 3-time felon named Gregory W. Floyd."

We'll have it up on video soon, but what we really want on video is that feature length movie about a town that truly healed itself in the wake of a tragedy of the highest order. Meanwhile, in the KingCast/NH AG/Franconia Right-to-Know lawsuit Primex Insurance company does what Insurance companies do best: Avoid coverage whenever possible, even when their stated rationale is not accurate. Read comment #2.

PS: College Student finishes senior thesis on Franconia shooting. Read comment #3.


LvsNH said...

Congratulations!!! I am so glad you are out there fighting for what is right, keep up the good work.

Christopher King said...


Meanwhile Primex has declined coverage and its rationale does not make one whit of sense. They say it's because there's no money involved, but there is money involved. Not a ton, but there is a claim for monetary damages in the lawsuit and the Court is free to award punitives as well, which really are appropriate in this instance.

Town response to Citizen Jeffery Jesseman's RSA 91-A Request on the matter is due today or tomorrow, IIRC.


The Courier
November 14, 2007

Insurance company won't cover King Lawsuit
by Art McGrath

FRANCONIA—The town's liability insurance company, Primex, has declined to pay the town's legal fees over a lawsuit stemming from a May shooting incident that cost two lives.

In late September, Chris King of Nashua filed suit in Grafton Superior Court against the selectmen, the Police Department and the New Hampshire attorney general.

King is seeking a judgment from the court that the town violated RSA 91:A, the state's Right-to-Know law, when it failed to provide Use of Force reports filed by Franconia Police Cpl. Bruce McKay after a 2003 stop involving Liko Kenney, the two men killed during a May 11 shooting incident that has continued to be a source of controversy among some area residents.

During the incident, Franconia Police Cpl. Bruce McKay was shot in the back by Liko Kenney of Easton, who was in turn shot and killed by passerby Gregory Floyd of Easton after Kenney ran McKay down with the his car.

After King filed his suit, the Board of Selectmen chose to keep attorney Dan Mullen, a Primex employee, who had been dealing with the McKay-Kenney case since May 11 and was familiar with the issues.

According to Board of Selectmen Chair Carl Belz, Primex would not pay the legal fees in the suit because there was no money involved.

"We submitted the bill to them and they returned it unpaid," said fellow Selectman Carleen Quinn. "At first I was annoyed but it makes sense…this was in their contract."

Despite Primex not paying the bill, the board chose to continue Mullen's services rather than bring the regular town counsel up to speed.

Officials said they are not sure yet where in the budget the money will come from to pay the fees.

The case goes to court Jan. 8.

King, a non-practicing attorney and former assistant attorney general in Ohio, is representing himself.

Christopher King said...

so here it is.

it's fairly short and fairly quick and i'd be open to making another round of edits, but this is the first one i'm willing to part with and see how it fares. i hope you like it.

[name withheld at present]

p.s. -- congrats about the key to the city, man. that's a big deal and i know you know it. now you need to stay up on that reputation and get gregory floyd a little bit of jail time.

Lifer said...

You can judge a man's heart by looking into his eyes and observing his body language.

I have looked into the eyes of many of the major players in the Franconia 5/11 tragedy. This includes Bruce McKay, Liko Kenney, Greg Floyd Sr, Carl Belz, Mark Montminy, and Chris King. Of these, the only ones I would count as true to their heart and honest with their deeds are Liko and Chris.

Both have their flaws, but at the end of the day, you know where their true allegience lies; With the People.

Congratulations and keep up the fight.

Lifer said...

Wait a minute. Mullen was the guy that got on TV and tried to make the best case as to why there was no 2003 use of force document in McKay's file. He's also the guy everyone gets referred to with right to know requests regarding McKay's file. Based upon the logic given, there's no money involved in these activities, so why was a Primex employee even involved. He's been represented in the press as the Town's counsel, now we find he works for the liability insurer? Confuusion reigns in Franconia, not to mention a potential conflict of interest...and the beat goes on.

Christopher King said...

Yeah here he is shirking his ethical and legal responsibilities while ignoring these RSA 91-A requests.

And here he is stammering in this linked WMUR video about the missing Use-of-Force and Arrest Reports for McKay's beat down of Liko in 2003.

Dan: I'll be up your way to retrieve some of the documents you did promise to provide a few months ago, so you had better not ignore me when I send the letter to your office notifying you of when I will be there to review the documents.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration in this matter, Counselor.

PS: Citizen Jesseman does raise an interesting point, and that is hey, are you really a Primex counsel or not?

I know you work for Ransmeier & Spellman so I'm not sure if what I read in the paper is accurate, so there will be an RSA 91-A request served on you soon, and you had better answer it.

Or you can just continue to ignore me at your own peril, suit yourself.

Get it?

Christopher King said...


Chris, WELL derserved, you and
your family must be so proud [A friend of mine] friend of
mine and neighbor to the McLeods said you are a saint, he reads your blog daily and commends you on
your fight.... good things come to those who wait, I'm thrilled for you best to you

[Name withheld]


KingCast says:

I ain't no saint but I sure am right about this case.


Christopher King said...


Congratulations a well deserved honor. I'm sure your uncle is looking down at you with love and pride. He knew you were a warrior....and would never compromise you position or beliefs no matter how personal your opponents try to make it.


Anonymous said...

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