30 November 2007

NH AG Kelly Ayotte lies again: "We don't have any other complaints about Bruce McKay...."

Well none except this one, of course. Goes to this post. Now what's really interesting is the development in Attorney Mullen's position toward my requests that allowed me to see that document, because as noted in this 25 July post he was not going to let me see anything. Read my letter to him. I'm sure they researched the law and found they were in violation of it. Now I just want a Declaratory Judgment to that effect, among other things in the pending RSA 91-A litigation.

KingCast bids goodnight to Evel Knievel; we're glad he and Kanye worked things out.

I wanted the new facts about uninvestigated complaints to the NH AG's office regarding Bruce McKay to lead for at least a full day, but there's no authentic way as a biker to do that without giving daps to my main man Evel. Good Thing he and Kanye settled that lawsuit first; I blogged about it just about one year ago, on 12 December 2006 because that video was too funny for words, actually, especially the grrrl-fight scene :)

Look how much better they look in the "lawsuit" link photos.

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The Kawasaki H1 50 2-stroke triple.

KingCast meets with Franconia Counsel Mullen and finds more complaints on McKay, including a lie by the NH AG's office and violations of force policy

Okay. Believe me, there was a complaint letter to the NH AG's office from the McKay knifing victim, "Ms. B." The problem is, I have an RSA 91-A reponse dated 1 August, 2007 in which Defendant Ayotte writes "the only complaint in our possession is the one referenced in your paragraph seven request above" (the Tim Stephenson complaint).

Oopsie-Daisy. Ms. B writes: "[Montminy] refused to answer my concerns about Officer Bruce McKay and told me that I could not prove that he committed perjury.... I am now concerned about the abilities and integrity of both Chief Montminy and Officer McKay.... The Chief told me that my report was "under investigation," yet the only neutral witness was never questioned... I am requesting that the state investigate Officer McKay so that this abuse will no longer be allowed. Thank you for your consideration."

And I found another complaint, written 19 June 2005 -- well after the town said they received its last complaint from 2000 -- from some folks who missed a wrong-way sign on a rainy day all filed written complaints against McKay that echo Liko Kenney's concern that McKay never told him his name: "Finally, when asked he refused to give his supervisor's name, saying with hostility that he would not stand in the rain to tell me." They couldn't believe his lack of decorum in front of a 3 year-old: "We felt as if we wre being treated like felons.... we were shocked...... we hope she is learning to respect those who take an oath to serve & protect the public (even in the rain)."

I did not see the Troy Watts 2005 (IIRC) Complaint.

In this 26 July 2007 post I linked a Concord Monitor story of 26 July 2007 which noted that McKay's use of OC Spray and the Toyota-ramming Tahoe were inappropriate. My review of the actual policies that I will be receiving and scanning next week supports what I wrote in the post linked in this paragraph but I will note that the use of vehicular force was not warranted because McKay had no right to use deadly force pursuant to RSA 627:5 when he bashed Liko's Toyota, and further as I have said repeatedly, you cannot engage in chemical warfare with someone without a command or directive:

Use of Chemical Agents
II. Nondeadly
C (5) In all situations involving use of chemical agents, suspects should be given adequate warning of their imminent use and should be afforded time to respond to lawful commands.

Bruce violated ALL OF THAT just before he died, because he hated Liko Kenney and fancied himself John Wayne, pure and simple. His track record clearly shows as much.

Lastly, there is another complaint in which McKay drew his OC Spray on a fellow near Kelly's/Mac's without reason, then denied that he did it but then later admitted that he did, and the complaining party had a witness.

But that's just one of Kelly's heroes. Sounds more like Hogan's Heroes to me.

Irony of the Day: McKay claims he filed a Whistleblower claim against Loon Mountain, another place I love to ski. The irony is not that I like Loon but that McKay actually thought he had his act together enough to criticize someone else. Anyone know what came of that complaint?

29 November 2007

KingCast whip of the Day caught on YouTube: 1971 Kawasaki H-1

OMG watch this kid back in '71, who is now, what 54? Unreal. They called it the "Widowmaker" with good reason. A flimsy steel frame and drum "brakes" front and rear on a 500cc 2-stroke.... umm.... yeah, there's a Bright Idea. I had a 1975 Yamaha RD 350 and was just thinking about that bike and the Suzuki RG 500 Gamma 4 cylinder 2-stroker when I saw this vintage video. No helmet, no jacket, no leathers, no NOTHIN'.

Thankfully, he lived to tell it and share it with us!

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PS: My favorite road bike right now is a Kawasaki, a great Hooligan Bike, the Versys 650 parallel twin.

28 November 2007

KingCast presents: Kids in the hood.

One from 1967. Two more from the 1980's, one of which I took in 1988. He-heh.... Black on Black on Black crime.... three (3) brown kids mixin' it up... I will never take a better picture in my Life.

Good stuff, good kids. That one kid in colour ended up twice (2ce) asking in May of 2007 to Corporal Bruce McKay "What are you doing," right before McKay never answered and the kid, Liko Kenney died, murdered in my opinion by Gregory W. Floyd.

Interestingly, "Ms. B," -- who faced McKay's "penis-shaped knife" had asked McKay the same question three (3) times earlier before he responded as he guided a knife near her "abdomen" (read: labia) -- read all about it right here. In the end, she filed a 13-page complaint that never was answered by the Franconia Defendants. "Ms. B" and I have discussed all of that.

That other kid in BW in 1967 was steady asking his mother, "What the heck is going on with the U.S. Justice system?"

Franconia town counsel/Primex attorney Daniel Mullen responds to KingCast RSA 91-A requests; KingCast responds with Proposed Stipulations.

Here's the KingCast response, with Proposed Joint Stipulation #2 being in the comments section with today's Mullen letter, which was late. Stip #2 pertains to the missing Use-of-Force and missing Police Report for Fox Hill Park that Attorney Mullen attempts to explain in this post and video.

Dear Mr. Mullen:

Thank you for the update.

As to the costs, I would prefer to use an a la carte approach as I may not need all of the requested materials in full. I assume your client maintains that Troy Watts never filed a complaint against Bruce McKay and that they are not obligated to provide me a copy of the OC Spray incident of his client whose name I believe is Susan, as I asked for that on 27 July 2007 and again on 9 August 2007.

Also I note that you are now making available Bruce McKay's job application and resumes, which are part of his personel file -- in addition to the Vaughan index materials that your client did not attempt to provide in the first instance. I know we ultimately will disagree on the psychological testing/profiles and other items I requested and we will let the court address that, but perhaps we could agree to stipulate that your client's 3 July 2007 response to me stands in violation of RSA 91-A(4), and that could save the taxpayers substantial time and money. [KingCast note: The town refused to provide anything at all].

Thank you for your time and attention in this matter.

Please advise,

Christopher King, J.D.

A police officer's wife speaks out on ABC News coverage of the Franconia shooting tragedy, "Officer Down."

Here is what KingCast wrote about that segment, and she said:
It does not do credit to the LE out there who are honest and have integrity for them to lump them with McKays' death. I fear every time my husband is on the street and if something happens to him then he will have died doing what he wanted to do and doing it in an honorable way.

And, I sent an email to the producers telling them this.


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27 November 2007

"The Meeting," 2007: KingCast, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and NH Underground meet at The Mecca for First Amendment and RSA 91-A rally.

The Mekka was a dance club in Columbus where we hung out 10 years ago. I had an amazing date there for Todd Rundgren on his bossonova "With a Twist" Tour; it was awesome. Todd, the white Marvin Gaye.

The Mecca is a pleasure in which Malcolm X indulged, and changed his World. Some disagreed with him and it may have led to his death, but you'll have that. Sometimes, "That's the Way of the World."

But despite that, it's all about people coming together, despite their differences on some issues, when we all realize that without a strong First Amendment, we have nothing. Which of course we note in our very first online production, "American Lawyer One," with noted Civil Rights Attorney Terry Gilbert appearing and offering commentary in our productions.

Here's what some Free-Staters and other folks said recently over at the NH Underground Board:
If not for people such as Chris, this and other events like them would be quietly buried in the past as 'that one story about the guy who just went crazy and snapped, for no reason', just like the long list of such stories we already have. It's quite ironic that those outside the 'justice system' oft seem to be more interested in justice than those inside.

Chris, thanks for the updates. It's an important case, and it's important to have people like you who dive deeply into such cases, for the sake of edifying those of us who don't have the knowledge and/or access that you have developed.

Most important posts:
Defendant Ayotte lying to the public;
Defendant lying to Attorney Harold Burbank, II.

KingCast presents: You've got mail, Kelly.

Read the comments to see when Defendants received their Supplemental Attachments that contain documents that the AG's office withheld from us with no sound legal basis, as noted in this post.

As far as Franconia Defendants' responses that are overdue to me, I do not have mail.

26 November 2007

KingCast video of the day "Dirty Mary Crazy Larry."

This trailer and movie stand as eloquent rebuttal to the Police State news coverage we're seeing so much of today, in particular tonight's ABC News Story "Officer Down." Read the IMdB review right here. It rocks, and the moview quotes in the comments are off the chain. Read about tonight's ABC News story right here.

Best line from the movie though? Vic Morrow I think it is tells Fonda he can't outrun him: "Son I got me a 440 with a six-pack and my top end is uuuuunnnnnlimited!!!"

Go Peter Fonda. Go Susan George. Go Liko Kenney. Go Franconia Collective. Go KingCast; we ain't gettin' hit with no stinking train at the end of our Journey.

KingCast says ABC News coverage "Officer Down" is shallow and misleading reporting, on Franconia. And where is 20/20's Andrew Paparella?

When I was an editor and photojournalist for the Call & Post (or even now as a blogger), I might have covered this in a different way than Charles Gibson and his associates, with a different focus.
UPDATE: LvsNH started a Topix thread on this and reports that the online story has a different focus/slant.

UPDATE: The online story and other LE boards say the question is "why are our cops being killed more often in the line of duty?" Well first off, I'm not convinced that the vest-less McKay was on duty but irrespective of that, the Concord Monitor wrote: "McKay's file shed light on why Officer died" in this blawg entry and in this Monitor Editorial from 17 August 2007.
CM - It does mean that, as agents of the law and representatives and employees of the community, officers should be polite, respectful and firm, but only as forceful as necessary.

Ms. B: "If he had ever stopped me again (after my complaint) I would call 911 and take my chances on getting to Littleton Police Department."
[EXACTLY WHAT LIKO TRIED TO DO but only going 800 feet to Tamarack]

CM - Aggressive cops can sour police relations with a community and foster an "us against them" atmosphere.

In tonight's story however, ABC calls it shooting to kill and they call it in cold blood, which was not true with Liko Kenney. ABC News, whose crews I have met in Franconia have not produced unbiased material since their first report (online here) which did as least hint and the myriad of problems Franconia had in dealing with Bruce McKay.

But the locals don't trust ABC News and they tell me what they told ABC News that was unmentioned, notably this comment.
Robbie Hayward told me he told ABC News' Juju Chang that
"Both men had good qualities about them but that MCKay was a liability and that the State had a greater responsibility to monitor the situation, and that Liko was pushed into a corner."

So I'll expect to see that in their final edit.

And they also tell me when Ju-Ju Chang is in town and what she asks and what they tell her.
This is what I wrote, in pertinent part, to that post.

It will be interesting to see how they cover this case. They can't go where I go and they can't know what I know so they can't get the Real. And locals are very leery of media because of their historic misrepresentations about the area. Folks may be a bit country up in here but they sure ain't stupid. One thing they could have a good time with for a local flair piece, however, is looking into the Littleton Gunstore robberies a few years back and all persons related or indirectly related thereto.

You should see the emails between 20/20 producer Andrew Paparella and me, initiated by him.

That's okay. I've got Defendant Ayotte noticed for Deposition for KingCast v. NH AG Kelly Ayotte et al, Grafton Case 07-E-268 so she will either run and get away with it or she will have to respond to what I've got, then the Truth will come out rather clearly. Actually a lot of the Truth about what Defendant Ayotte intentionally hid, is right here in these three posts:

Kelly Ayotte intentionally hid material evidence from the American Public.
Kelly Ayotte lied to the American Public.
Kelly Ayotte lied to Attorney Harold Burbank, II.

Here's KingCast/Franconia Collective short film featuring locals, "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts." Waiting for the 20/20 footage and local comment? Don't hold your breath.


Subject: Got Your Message
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 14:41:24 +0000
From: "Paparella, Andrew"
To: Kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com

Lets talk. Give a call.
Andrew Paparella
ABC News
147 Columbus Ave.
New York, NY 10023


800-221-7386 (Press 1, then 5968 then #)


Then later they play a video about a cop who tasered a guy named Massey from September in Utah. Then they want to wonder how or why police are getting shot? Notice how ABC didn't show any of McKay's use of force? That's no accident. The coverage of Liko's case and of Massey's case was polemic. Massey walked toward the officer after refusing to sign a ticket and was walking away with his hand near his pocket when he was violently struck by Big Volts.

Massey tells the Salt Lake Tribune that maybe he wasn't 100% right when he refused to sign a speeding ticket and walked away from the trooper. But he thinks the public should take a look at what happened when the trooper subdued him with a Taser. Yep. Watch the YouTube video.

KingCast presents: Another lying insurance company lawyer.

Phone call at work, 10:43 a.m.

"Son, they're saying my complaint didn't allege anything about Executive Order 11246. I don't have the paperwork in front of me.... did you allege it when you wrote the complaint?"

"Well, let's see Dad.... I'll pull up the copy of it I have stored online.... Oh, yep, there it is at paragraph 5."
BTW we smoked Bush toady and now Labor Department appointee Peter Kirsanow on one appeal already to get the case reinstated. It's linked here in the Clarence Thomas sellout post.

25 November 2007

NH Indy Media puts KingCast/Mayoral First Amendment Award up front and center.

Just dropped by there to put up a post about the Deposition I Noticed for Defendant Ayotte and lo and behold saw the editor published this news item in the featured stories. One reader question questioned whether the Union Leader had taken any sort of lead role in covering that award or in structuring a First Amendment Roundtable with Franconia folks, the Mayor, Alderman Teeboom and me, and I responded to that question in no uncertain terms: No.
I love the first comment: "But it isn't a Loeb Award." Well, duh the whole point is that if you're awarding First Amendment kudos for standing up to government I sure as hell deserve one, but not only will I not get one from the UL they have stopped covering the Franconia case entirely, nor have I heard back about a First Amendment Roundtable that Alderman Teebom and Mayor Street have told me they would agree to. That's the point.

KingCast says Senior NH AAG Kristin M. Spath is Defendant Ayotte's designee on the Right to Know Commission and she violated RSA 91-A 11-15 in 2006.

How funny is this (not very but I'll tell you anyway): Kristen M. Spath is the Chief of Consumer Protection at the NH AG's Office. She is also Defendant Ayotte's designee on the RSA 91-A Commission that was statutorily ordered to file an annual report on 1 Nov. of every year, but which failed to do so in 2006. Perhaps she was too busy wasting time coming after me for UPL in 2006 to focus on the details of her position. And by the way, she lost that case badly, even though they tried to get me with Ex Post Facto laws, using a new statute on old activity. They were also admonished for failing to follow the rules of Civil Procedure.

That's Senior AAG Constance Stratton shaking my hand in a Hillsborough County Court hearing.

KingCast says Franconia Counsel Dan Mullen continues to stand in violation of RSA 91-A.

Okay. It is now Sunday, 25 November 2007, exactly ten (10) days since I personally hand-delivered these RSA 91-A requests, which contained requests from way back on 28 August 2007, which have been replicated in the JPEG. Responses are due in five (5) days.

One inference is that he would rather take the hit from the Court and incur the liability of a factual determination that the town is out of Rule than divulge the information. So if that (in)action is actually in his clients' best interests that would mean that there's some nasty stuff in Bruce McKay's file, yep.

And did I mention his track record in RSA 91-A litigation -- before the Supreme Court arising out of a case in the same courthouse -- is less than stellar?

23 November 2007

KingCast presents: Michael Isreal Not Guilty in Hamilton, Ohio Driving While Black & First Amendment case.

Wow. My Mother found this pic I thought I had lost. Michael Isreal's case, 1998. Adults, L-R: Michael's mother, Michael, Michael's Grandmother, KingCast & Justiceforkids.net videographer James Whitaker, Police Officer and client Gerald Michael (who stood in as expert witness for free); Yours Truly. I'll have to edit the image but that can be done later but click on it for now and see what you see. It's really intense. This was a team that set out for Justice and you know we took no prisoners on our way. Now we will do it in Franconia; at night I shiver thinking about taking Kelly's Deposition but in the end I know I'm ready and she is not. See also Isreal's case finding the cops made him a victim of violent crime, V1996-61481 127 Steps to Justice.

"Mr. King, you got more with honey than Prosecutor Boorst did with his vinegar," said the Jury foreman.

The Federal case settled for $58,500.00 -- hardly a King's ransom but not so bad considering that a certain superlawyer in NH ten years later only got $80K for Michael Paulhus, who was unlawfully SHOT by the Nashua PD, whereas Mr. Isreal had no outward physical injury.

All of this is a matter of public record of course.
28 August 2015 Update: Mr. Isreal must have a court hearing today 28 August 2015 because the Courts and an insurance company are all up in my shit. Look below where they want to know more about me representing Mr. Isreal against some piece of shit cops. Piece of shit? Yup. One of them, William R. Hensley has a documented history according to the Cincinnati Inquirer from 28 Jan 2003, some fifteen (15) years after we sued and settled this little fuck was still terrorizing the neighborhood. I saw this a few weeks ago and wrote Attorney Jeff Mando about it. What a piece of shit this guy is:

"Police uncover officer's darks side."

They didn't uncover anything. We did that. Us two niggers on the Ohio Plantation did that. Rest in Peace Jerry Doyle you are with us always.

KingCast on Franconia: "I didn't go to law school to make a ton of money.... I went to law school for Justice, and to make First Amendment History."

Sure I have made good money from time to time working in Corporate America but that never was, nor will it be the essence of what I'm about. I'm all about Civil Rights and pioneering new ways for the ordinary guys and gals of all races, ethnicities, ages and National Origins to have their voices be heard.

So it came to pass that a supporter from afar read that comment somewhere and put it with the wise owl photograph that her husband Carole D'Angelo of Manchester, MA at catchlights.com took and sent it to me with a lil' calligraphy. She was upset that the paper took on too much ink but to me it's All Good, and all beautiful.

So too is the First Amendment/Right-to-Know Commendation that Nashua Mayor Bernie Streeter presented to KingCast last week.

All of this goes to the last post Noticing Defendant Ayotte for her Deposition, and in no uncertain terms telling her that I will bear no compunction to videotape it and air it on YouTube. If she's confident in her investigation and confident in her knowledge of the law and of her actions, she should voice no objection. [UPDATE] She weaseled out of it but she was found liable nonetheless.

For my part, I'm ready to rock'n'roll.

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The essence of this case.

22 November 2007

KingCast says Defendant Ayotte looks enthused about receiving her 2007 First Amendment/RSA 91-A Christmas present: A Notice of Deposition.

Now comes Plaintiff, KingCast.net, pursuant to The First Amendment, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), RSA 91-A Right-to Know and New Hampshire Superior Court Rules 37 et seq. to posit this Notice of Deposition for Defendant Ayotte at her place of employment, which is approximately 600 feet from Attorney Mullen’s office for ease of access and convenience for all Defendants and Counsel.

Said Deposition to occur via analog stenographer and with video memorialization by the associates at Court Reporters NH, 800.830.8885 and shall be taken at 33 Capitol Street, Concord, NH 03301 and to commence promptly at 1:00 p.m. Friday, 14 December 2007 and to continue day-to-day as time requires.

Respectfully submitted,

Christopher King, J.D.
On behalf of KingCast.net


When she comes, she knows she better be ready to address the infamous Sherman Helmsley Jive Turkey Thanksgiving post and the Ayotte intentionally hid Floyd Criminal History post.

And more.

Here's a short film for newbies.

KingCast presents: 127 Steps to Justice; police cause man to be a victim of violent crime.

One Hundred Twenty-Seven. That's the number of entries in Michael Isreal v. Hensley and Rhodes, the two cops who jacked him up, juked his joint for DWB and exercising his First Amendment Rights for telling them "Y'all know you pulled me over for driving that Northstar Cadillac.... but let me tell you I know how you can get you one of them...."

Followed by a hand to the throat, which fortunately did not impair his singing abilities as you hear him sing Negro Spirituals loud and clear in "American Lawyer One."

Sometimes Justice takes a while (the Civil Suit in his case took 2 years to settle) but we will fight for it in Franconia until we perceive that we have obtained at least a modicum of honesty. Yes the still is Vintage KingCast, probably 1997. Gotta love the court reporter archetype.

28 August 2015 Update: Mr. Isreal must have a court hearing today 28 August 2015 because the Courts and an insurance company are all up in my shit. Look below where they want to know more about me representing Mr. Isreal against some piece of shit cops. Piece of shit? Yup. One of them, William R. Hensley has a documented history according to the Cincinnati Inquirer from 28 Jan 2003, some fifteen (15) years after we sued and settled this little fuck was still terrorizing the neighborhood. I saw this a few weeks ago and wrote Attorney Jeff Mando about it. What a piece of shit.

"Police uncover officer's darks side."

They didn't uncover a goddamn fucking thing. We did that. Us two niggers on the Ohio Plantation did that. Rest in Peace Jerry Doyle you are with us always.

21 November 2007

KingCast and Sherman Hemsley remind everyone of a Jive Turkey story issued by Defendant Ayotte in the Franconia shooting tragedy.

From the Concord Monitor.

"Attorney General Kelly Ayotte said in a press conference Saturday that Kenney shot McKay along Route 116 and then ran him over. She said Floyd drove up to the scene and tried to position his vehicle to block Kenney from McKay's body. Then, he got out of the car, picked up McKay's weapon, pointed it at Kenney and told him to drop his weapon. When Kenney didn't do so, Floyd shot him."

Sorry Kelly, it simply did not go down that way and you know it and your own files prove your statement was flat out wrong. Your statement that Floyd was unarmed when Liko ran over McKay was wrong and I prove it right here and right here.

And as far as speaking to Liko first, well your official report ignored the FACT that Floyd said he didn't speak first, read his own statement right here, which is buttressed by Caleb Macaulay's statement right here:

"Man said nothing before he fired."

Yet you chose to lie in your own comments in your official report and to the World Public. I already called you and Russ Conte on this back on 14 July in the Checkmate post because you lied to someone else and said:

"As McKay stumbled across the road, bleeding, Kenney ran his vehicle over the dying officer."

At oral argument your attorneys will not be able to dimiss that lie. Moreover, the information you hid about Gregory W. Floyd is going to win you no favors as noted in this post. There's a reason Nashua Mayor Bernie Streeter gave me a First Amendment/Right-to-Know Commendation: I meet people who help shine the light on public officials to promote open and transparent governance, which is purportedly the bedrock of our Constitution and of this Country on this Thanksgiving Day.

Hey-hey we're movin' on up..... not to a dee-lux apartment in the sky, but rather to a deee-lux courthouse in the North Country.

KingCast wishes Franconia Counsel Dan Mullen a Happy Turkey Day and respectfully asks for his RSA 91-A information. Again.

Dear Attorney Mullen:

I'll be heading off to CT to see my sister, mother and some of my nieces later today or tomorrow. When I return I anticipate seeing some substantive responses to my inquiry to you I hand delivered on 15 November, which in turn referenced the 28 August inquiry to which you never responded.

So we're going to see what you're making on the Franconia litigation per hour, and soon we'll be finding out how many hours your billing, etc. etc.

As far as my responsibilities go, I'm mailing the balance of the Attachments to you today, as noted in the Yerba Mate post.

I'll probably be drinking Lindeman's Bin 65 (I know, Chardonnay is so passe) with some bird tomorrow and whatever you're drinking I hope you enjoy it and the company of loved ones. Liko and Bruce's families don't have that privilege, in substantial part owing to your clients' mis and malfeasance.

PS: You know we should all reduce the amount of meat we eat but for some reason I'll feel no guilt on this one!

Hey KingCast, it's 3 a.m. shouldn't you finish those damn Attachments already?

Yeah, I prolly should. So I did. There will be some serious Yerba Mate ingested prior to work tomorrow though :)

And I'm off! Woke up all right and ready to rock'n'roll to the post office, still wondering exactly how Gregory W. Floyd got away with this.

20 November 2007

Hey KingCast, I'm confused: Are you saying Gregory W. Floyd admitted to being in violation of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) at least 3 times?

Well, in a word, yes. But I talk too much. Better save that speech for the oral argument. Instead I'll let the documents explain this post. Floyd a felon one and Floyd admits to being in violation of 18 U.S.C. 922(G)(1) two.

Related post: Was he choppin' down trees and annoying neighbors in Massachusetts as well? We know he was arrested there for assaults with dangerous weapon and convicted of disturbing the peace. Read it right here.

Related post: Defendant Ayotte welcomes the Teflon Don with open arms (pun fully intended) because as Al Pacino said:
"You ain't a lawyer no more Kelly. You a gangster. You on the Other Side now. It's a whole new ball game. And you can't learn it at school and you can't have a late start....."

Tonight I will finish the Attachments for service by the end of the week. I'll be up all night KingCast-stamping each and every document for the Court's (and Defendants') edification.

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