20 October 2007

Will NH AG Kelly Ayotte prosecute Nashua cops who posed as AG investigators while violating Civil Rights in an $80K settlement?

It's just too easy. "Ruling in the criminal case, Hillsborough County Superior Court Judge Bernard Hampsey found that police violated Paulhus' rights by questioning him without reading him his Miranda rights while he was in pain from having been shot and despite his desire to consult a lawyer; and by posing as investigators for the state attorney general's office."

Read in pari materia with this post about Gregory W. Floyd.... because she doesn't care he was AWOL twice and never served overseas "doing tours of Vietnam" as he claimed. See actual police investigation document after discussion with the U.S. Military Personnel office.

That substantially devalues the service of our truly decorated servicemen like my Uncle Joe (RIP) and now we see some local cops devaluing the AG's office. Let's all watch how Kelly handles this.


Charles Duffy said...

Our government is a piece of Shit. Let's not talk about the corporations that influence this type of management on their behalf.

Charles Duffy said...


Here is an answer we may have been looking for on the political corruption and stupidly.

Based on NH politics in 1962 and Today.

Charles Duffy

Charles Duffy said...

Dr. Vincent Fulmer becomes School President.

Kevan Fulmer's dad. (the Silver bullet case)

The fact of it is that this town in NH could not realize the long term benefits and wanted to tax the buildings as an educational resource.

This was New Hampshire blunder for a small town..

Sometimes, I think NH is only Half awake.

Charles Duffy said...

It's almost like me getting on the phone to Linzee Coolidge and ask him what he thinks of it all.. After all, He's the great great grandson of Thomas Jefferson.

His Great grandfather wrote
the declaration of the English mafia? ( The Declaration of independence)

Thomas Jefferson.

It's a matter of choice.

Hey Chris, He had black slaves. Therefore we will win for humanity and for all.


Charles Duffy said...

If Christopher Columbus discovered America then the Queen of England intentionally lost the war.

My ancestors rowed to Iceland then to Greenland and then on to Nova Scotia.

It seems that they wanted the hell out of a government.

How can I get the fuck out of the USA without a passport?

Christopher King said...

Hey Charlie good to hear from you.

I'll be checking the links, meanwhile just returned from North of the Notch and here's what we've got.