05 October 2007

What would Johnny Cash say about Dale Folsom's alleged threats to NH AG Kelly Ayotte?

Ahhh, life is grand. The same day KingCast warns Defendant Ayotte about the power of Simple Machines like the Franconia Collective in this post, I hear about some dude, I kid you not -- named Folsom -- who apparently went well beyond that. No, he allegedly (Union Misleader link) threatened her life, which is not cool. At all. If that is true, I suspect Johnny might give him the finger.

But then after that he would probably give Kelly one for apparently failing to file her Annual Right-to-Know Report, as required by Law.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, clever, yes...and entertaining...ya' just put it all together very creatively. Appreciate your blog, and respect your serious work, also.


Christopher King said...


You've gotta' laugh through the pain, totally. Remember "Life is Beautiful?" I went to the Holocaust Museum right after it opened. America is killing the First Amendment just as surely as Hitler and his cronies killed the Jews.

And I heard noted Civil Rights Attorney Harold Burbank, Esq. candidate for U.S. House, CT Dist. 5 on Connecticut radio today 91.7 discussing why Bush should be Impeached (Geneva Conference, U.N. Treaties, all matter of International Law violations stemming from this hostile war in Iraq) but I digress:

Also, on the serious side contemplate this:

Why is is impermissible for a guy who is locked up to threaten Kelly when he has little chance of -- ahem -- executing his plan, while it's perfectly fine for Shooter Floyd, a PCP felon, to threaten a school administrator's life?

And believe me he threatened her life in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS, as her Affidavit attests.

And remember I have another Affidavit from a police chief that was in the STATE's OWN FILES that acknowledges some sort of threats at the school, and that also notes that he said regarding the meter reader "If that pussy comes back here again I'll kill him" (from memory but 98% accurate not too much to forget on THAT one, huh?)

And what of Floyd's conviction/plea on attempted assault of an officer?

Guess none of that matters because he killed a cop killer.

Because as opposed to Mr. Folsom, we all know Floyd certainly can find a way to execute.

Kelly do you have an answer now or shall I just wait until I take your video Deposition?

I hate to ruin the surprise but not to worry; I've got several others.


Anonymous said...

It is unfathomable that this nearly droolin' cop-hatin', braggin' shooter Floyd walks freely today at the whim of state authorities, having left a bloodbath in his wake.

Morally, and perhaps legally he must be held accountable. His future behavior must be observed...he would seem to be unstable.

Had a policeman been the first on scene, I doubt he/she would have acted on impulse or emotion to take matters into hand by shooting to kill.

I am surprised Floyd stopped at killing Liko; perhaps he was interrupted by the awareness and presence of witnesses.

Although the police detained and questioned Caleb, at least this victim/passenger was formally questioned...unfortunately, at length, and without benefit of immediate medical attention at the scene.

Passengers are not always accomplices...nor was Liko's provoked response to ramming and macing premeditated. He intended to reach a place of physical safety....away from McKay.

Floyd is disabled? Which part? He surely hustled over to take the life of a citizen, and then was able to attempt to lift the car with others off of McKay.

There were no heroes here, but most certainly, not Floyd. I, and many otheres, are very grateful that Caleb's life was spared. His conduct was exemplary. God Bless him.