08 October 2007

Wang is wrong: Cleveland Rocks! Drew Carey and KingCast are right, as usual :)

I think the Tribe will win the World Series this year. Watching them dismiss the Yankees like so much hard cheese was wonderful tonight, especially watching Johnny Damon's last hurrah fall short :)

The logo I posted is the last respectable logo, in my opinion. In my further opinion, license ought be granted to produce and sell the earlier logos I have shared that 99% of the U.S. popoulation has never seen. I would be a huge fan and wear it with pride, unlike the much-touted red-faced bastard currently in play.

For me, tonight's victory is in substantial measure an ode to Kenny Lofton and if there is any baseball star who deserves a ring it is Kenny, who has prevailed against abject poverty as a young lad, and who still appears to be a young lad with his proud brown frame. Rock on, brother.

Here's the behind story on that. Sadly the logo is still a disrepectful artifact that must be jettisoned. Here are the behind images on that.

More about Matriarchy and Native American culture soon, after I tend to more matters about New Hampshire's deceitful Attorney General, Kelly Ayotte. Even the Senate Majority leader called for her ouster; read this.

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