05 October 2007

Tribe on a Quest, rocks Yankees to go up 2-0, Lofton is winning run; logo still abusive after 1939.

The Tribe might win it all this year. If not, I still feel confident they will beat their nemesis. When I was a little league pitcher in 1976 (aluminum bats, god you could tag that ball with those, huh) no-hit pitcher and Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley was on the mound. What do they dip that guy in formaldehyde or what? No offense, he looks young for his age, as does Kenny Lofton. The Red Socks traded Dennis for.... Billy Buckner.... HAHAHAHAHA..... This is Tribe on a Quest part one and the sad story of the disrespectful logos that my former boss successfully sued over is here.

For Crissakes why can't they grant a license to produce some of the vintage logos? I guess that would be showing too much sensitivity to Native American culture and we can't have too much of that. Casinos are one thing, but outright respect is yet another.

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