22 October 2007

A trail of tears for the Indians and their racist logo as the Red Sox win game 7 and head to the World Series.

As noted in this post, I'm only slightly bummed about Cleveland losing. They will never win the World Series as long as they have that logo anyway. Good luck to the Sox against the rather formidable Colorado Rockies. On the left is Louis Sockalexis, the man for whom the team was named. Spot the difference.

BTW the logos started getting ugly in 1939 with this logo. Here is the logo history. What was going on then? The War was raging and America was full of jingoism and xenophia, and to "Americans" the Native Americans were fair game.


The Lifeguard said...

Oh come on, King. You know that Chief Wahoo is harmless.

Certainly, no worse than the Cleveland Naps (didn't Don Imus get fired for using that "N-Word"?).

Everybody should just relax and go on living. Don't take this shit so seriously.

And remember...you, me...we are native Americans.

denise everest said...

Chief Wahoo is not harmless and those of us who are the TRUE native americans resent these kinds of mascots. Obviously the person making this last comment is white.