18 October 2007

The serendipitous intersection of KingCast, Granitegrok and RSA 91-A/FOIA.

We met while KingCast was investigating the Franconia shooting tragedy -- that left Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay dead and a dangerous instrumentality (and convicted PCP felon) Gregory W. Floyd at large just as Granitegrok was investigating the apparently unlawful election process for Sheriff -- that was done behind closed doors as represented in the picture.

Well bright and early this morning Doug emailed me a link to their current post. The post shows that some tainted government officials down in Knoxville, TN -- you know that backwoods state that certainly couldn't be as sophisticated as the forward-thinking, progressive state of NH -- got the boot for doing exactly what Granitegrok alleges happened here in NH.

The crucial thing to note here is that Granitegrok and KingCast are not exactly two political peas in a pod. To quote his page
"Doug has long been a non-conformist who, while generally despising the 60's antiwar hippie types and their ilk, shares their questioning of authority... and loves the music!"
whereas I totally dig those 60's antiwar hippie types as much as I dug my Uncle Joe, a well-decorated officer. A common theme we are finding, as noted in this comments section however, is that we both share a serious disdain for government officials who commit deceitful acts. Some folks in Franconia concur, as noted guest editorial and in this email to Defendant NH AG Kelly Ayotte of Grafton Case No. 07-E-268.

I hope Granite gets video including their Supreme Court arguments (even if the Supreme Court doesn't allow cameras inside, I'm not sure if it does like the lower courts but I hope so) such that we can share some of that in an upcoming KingCast video that could dovetail with our short film "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts."

I know I won't miss the Granitegrok Supreme Court arguments for the World and I know they won't miss the KingCast oral arguments either.

There's a Revolution going on here in New Hampshire, but you wouldn't know it by the major press, as it steadfastly ignores each of these stories. Soon, something is going to happen to me that will make it substantially more difficult for them to continue that path of ignorance. I promise to be a complete gentleman if and when the larger press commences coverage but I reserve the right to politely ask them "what took you so long?"

It's like we gotta have the Fifth Estate now -- bloggers to keep the Fourth Estate on its toes =^.)
As a former editor of a statewide weekly (Ohio Call & Post), and reporter at a large metropolitan daily (Indy Star) I am wondering when Kevin Landrigan from the Nashua Telegraph or Tom Fahey from the Union Leader or the Concord Monitor are going to talk about the New Freedom Riders.


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