26 October 2007

KingCast whip of the decade: The Christini AWD bikes.

I don't think anyone is quite ready for what is about to hit them. Watch the video, this thing is SICK!


Oh, my, GAWD. Been following this guy for years and this is the real deal. As a mountainbiker who grew up dirtbikes like YZ, RM and CR 80's andn this old champ (the KLR 250, official bike of the military incidentally) -- and still riding and living in NH -- you know I think this thing is tantamount to the Second Coming :)

What a machine.

PS: Gotta' watch out though if you get one because if you don't, that freak 3 time felon from the Franconia Shooting Tragedy who murdered Liko Kenney in cold blood (in my opinion) might steal it from you. After all, he did steal a marble statue of the Virgin Mary, so I guess anything is pretty much fair game for him. Especially an OC-Sprayed, seatbelted kid in a car with a closed window on Floyd's side of the car, who had just shot a cop known for pressing a non-spec knife near a woman's labia for no good reason. I interviewed the victim, and oh yeah he did.

Related KingCast short film: Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts.

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Christopher King said...

Honorable Mention:

Erik Buell and his Rotax-powered canyon racer.

God love radicals.

No disrespect for the big companies, they produce brilliant work. But its the little guys who branch out and take risks that really intrigue me. My old housemate was one of the mechanics for David Sadowski (originally from NH I believe) when he won Daytona, and he knew the Husaberg guys real well because he knew them back in Europe.

I spoke to David a few times from the shop and its just hootlarious; back in '99 I never thought I would end up living in his home state.

Keep up the good work guys.