07 October 2007

KingCast whip of the day: 1986 Suzuki 550ES -- Something I wish I had kept along the way :)

Brett Griffin recently posted these brochures online. Cool. Bought my ES with 1,000 miles on it in 1986 for $1,000; the proverbial little-old lady had it in her barn story. Look how clean its lines still are, and dig the shorty exhaust -- waaaaay before the current shorty-side exhaust on the GSXr. Silly-slim rear tyre and a paltry 67HP If I recall correctly but it still managed at 12:37 quarter. A new 600 makes nearly twice that and runs a second faster, but it doesn't really matter at the end of the day.


Anonymous said...

lines? that is an ugly bike and most bikes built in the 80's did not have any graceful lines. I owned a 1981 Suzuki 550 GS, ugly bike. You want style, grace and beautiful lines buy a Harley, it is not about how fast you go but how good you look getting there.

Christopher King said...

You are free to disagree. I never said the 1981 550 GS was good looking but I did say the 1986 bike was good looking.

I like Harley's too, but beauty being in the eye of the beholder I like trellis-framed Ducatis more.

For cruisers, the Victory is pretty cool as well.

As to your comment:

"it is not about how fast you go"

....that's my entire point about the new crop of 600s that run faster.

Christopher King said...

You want a pretty bike?

I got to ride one of these that my roomie owned, after he was one of Dave Sadowski's mechanics the year he won Daytona.

I trust we've clarified things :)