14 October 2007

KingCast watches as Manny and Trot do their things. Manny gets the record but Trot and the Tribe get the game, 13-6.

It's All Good. Whether the Tribe or Bosox win, the Yankees..... won't :)

Here's w'happened last night as Manny Ramirez took the postseason HR record with 23, and Trot Nixon hit the lead single in the top of the 11th to give Cleveland - the team with the exponentially racist mascot -- the win. Yes, it's still strange, having grown up playing little league and being a huge baseball fan when I was a Cleveland kid, that bit of cognitive dissonance as I watch these men on the "wrong" teams.

PS: When you visit Cleveland be sure to check out Erie Street Cemetery, the city's oldest. The picture of Jacobs field (a/k/a "The Jake," where Boston is about to get rocked) is hosted by ForgottenOhio.com and was taken through the cemetery, where I used to chill every now and then when I needed a moment to get away from the rat race before the Jake even existed.

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