04 October 2007

KingCast warns Defendant Ayotte about the power of Simple Machines part deux: Watch your violation on RSA 91-A Right-to-Know.

First, here's a simple movie, "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts." Last time it was a skateboard and the Franconia Collective. This time it is the Honda CR-85 Expert (video and a 360 aerial video), still jammin' out with the Franconia Collective. The CR-85 is a simple machine, a two-stroke engine you can rebuild before you and your friend drain a six pack on Saturday afternoon. And six pack or not, it would smoke my four stroke 250 Enduro up to 60 mph and put you on your posterior if you are not careful; my buddy and I had one out today and that front end will come up on you in a hurry if you don't watch out, just like an old RD 350.

I watch out. Kelly better watch out, too.

As noted in this post, Defendant Ayotte (KingCast v. NH AG Kelly Ayotte et al., Grafton 07-E-268) appears to be in substantial violation for failure to follow the Law requiring an Annual Report from the Right-to-Know Commission of which she is a member. Said failure is supposed to result in dismissal. Check the Topix board for further discussion or read this:

The impact of Kelly's Oath, as noted by her signature:
RSA 92:2 Oath Required. Any such person who violates said oath after taking the same shall be forthwith dismissed from the office or position involved....

The members of the oversight commission shall be as follows:

(a) Four members of the house of representatives, one from the science, technology and energy committee, one from the municipal and county government committee, one from the judiciary committee, and one other member, appointed by the speaker of the house.

(b) Three members of the senate, appointed by the president of the senate.

(c) Three municipal officials, appointed by the New Hampshire Municipal Association.

(d) One school board member, appointed by the New Hampshire School Boards Association.

(e) One school administrator, appointed by the New Hampshire School Administrators Association.

(f) Two county officials, appointed by the New Hampshire Association of Counties.

(g) Four members of the public, one of whom shall be an attorney who has knowledge of and experience with the right-to-know law, one of whom shall be an information technology professional, and one of whom shall be a telecommunications professional, all appointed by the governor with the consent of the council.

(h) The attorney general, or designee.

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Christopher King said...

I remember ceremoniously dropping clutch from 4th to 2nd at about 30 mph on the RD cruising down the main drag at Xavier University.... grabbed a bit too much throttle...... whereupon I saw nothing but blue sky and clouds :)

I rode it out but thank goodness I had some nice sticky Dunlops on that thing. You expect a dirt bike to come up on you but I didn't expect that roadie to do that so fast.

One of the funniest experiences in my life, actually, I'll never forget the looks on the faces of some of those folks in the crosswalk waiting for the light to change; I'll bet they looked no more shocked than I did.

The Franconia Collective has some wheelies for Kelly, but I don't think she'll find them too funny.