11 October 2007

KingCast stands amused as "Last Seduction" plot is allegedly played out in Anchorage.

Once a year or so I watch the Last Seduction. Last weekend I watched it with someone who had never seen it before and she was simply spellbound and I thought about blogging about it. Then today I read this case brewing in Anchorage, Alaska and decided this is the Right Time.
"It's a well done movie -- it has all the Hollywood gloss that you would expect as well. The characters are handsome, the pace is intense," Volland said. Judge Volland also characterized the film as hard to watch because of its intense sexual content.

PS: The Court denied the Prosecution's request to show the movie, but you watch it yourself and you will never look at a chain link fence in the same way :)

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Christopher King said...

The irrepressible Ms. Fiorentino (also seen in Men in Black, remember) is closing in on 50 next spring, which put her at what, 37 when Last Seduction debuted but I didn't know that. You go girl