18 October 2007

KingCast says: So let me get this straight, Kelly.... Floyd was unarmed when Liko ran over McKay and there's no disagreement between the witnesses?

That's completely untrue. You can't shoot a car unless your armed.
"They had stopped in front of his arm the first time. They didn't actually hit the officer. Then they backed up to here and at that time my dad got out and tried to pull him to prevent him from running him over again" [KingCast says wait a minute: Run him over again??? There was absolutely nothing to keep Liko from running McKay over the first time -- but he didn't. Liko was just trying to get the hell out of there.] They backed up to here and the car went rushing forward and my dad shot at the driver and it hit him and made him stop. The front end of the car ended up over the officer's chest."

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DreamingGypsy said...

hey were you on daily kos? Alot of us are at politicalfeastfeast.com now.

Anonymous said...

Maybe one of you gun enthusiests could enlighten me but that bullet hole in Liko's car looks like it was made at close range as the bullet came down over the wiper. If the shot came from the front of the car the shooter must have been close enough to be aiming slightly down.

It is a rather large hole amd am guessing is about right for a 45 and did not come in from an angle as the windshield cracking also looks straight on.

Partly my point is that even a terrible shooter at close range should have been able to put a shot directly in the head of the driver. Had this shot not been in a close downward angle than it would not have ended up in the dashboard but instead in the chest of the passanger. Again, this assumes the shooter was in front of the car and this makes completely sense for many reason including the hole is not elongated.

If I am not mistaken the other number tag on the car is for a shell casing they found on the hood. I cannot remember if this was from Liko when he had his hand out the window (likely) but would indicate Floyd shot from the side if was from his gun but again, it looks like a straight on shot.

I am just wondering how this "war veteran" expert marksmen could make such an incredibly bad shot ... unless he was aiming at the passenger and am trying to figure out even in the most warped mind of a DA, how could the passenger be posing a threat to Floyd???

Anonymous said...

Lets take in one step further .. If we take Floyd at his words that he has made to police that he is not only an expert shot but also an expert at killing then he should be held for attempted murder or manslaughter for firing on the passanger.

If they are not going to charge him then it must be because they think he is a liar or nut job / on drugs and if that is the case then we have a very huge issue with how they selectively took him at his word and closed the case and investigation into him so quickly.

Actually, lets face it - there was never an investigation into Floyd accept how to help him say the right things even though the guy did everything to say the wrong things - - but they didn't care.

Christopher King said...

Hey 3:34

Glad to hear there is a place for actual discussion without closed-minded hegemonic warlords (and literally Markos Moulitsas is ALL of that, with his CIA ties); I will see you there!

Hey John P.

On the run right now but remember that we would know a substantially more about that damn bullet hole if Kelly had drafted some forensic diagrams as she did for the McKenzie barn and carport WHERE NOBODY EVEN DIED, as noted herein.

That's a nice Deposition question for her, n'est-ce pas?