23 October 2007

KingCast says "Let's get to know the real Gregory Floyd, not the one that NH AG Kelly Ayotte celebrates as a hero."

In the recent posts we all know he's a three-time felony convict who was AWOL from the military twice and who lied about his overseas duty and who was arrested on prior occasion for assault with a dangerous weapon.

And in likely contravention of 18 U.S.C. 922 (g)(1) and (A)(6) he's got firearms in his house as he admitted in the 2007 investigation as noted in the lawsuit:

Q: p.898 Have any firearms at your house?
A: My, my wife has a firearm, a uh, Glock Twenty-Three......

Let's now carefully read the transcript comments from the witness statements about this fine man:

And at Page 745: Floyd Junior notes that Liko "didn't actually hit the officer" with the car the first time.

Page 687, Caleb Macaulay: "That guy I thought pretty much had the gun pointed at us before we even got on the road."

Followed by:

"He was laughing and stuff." The guy was very, very it was almost like crazed.... page 697 "and he kept, like, 'Oh I shot him good and stuff like that....'"

For you newbies, that's why Defendant Ayotte lied to well-respected Attorney X about the witness statements, and that's why he contacted me and forwarded that email and that's why we are still in contact as we have identified and developed key issues for Deposition and Oral Argument.

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